5 Cutest Yet Terrifying Creatures From Fantastic Beasts

In 2016 we were introduced to some amazing magical creatures by the adorable Newt Scamander and his mysterious suitcase. The first installment of Fantastic Beasts got us all hooked and now it is hard to wait for the next one. The movie gave us a glance at the wizarding community in America and introduced us to some new and intriguing characters. Let us take a look at some of the most ‘Fantastic beasts’ shown in the movie:

5. Bowtruckle:

Fantastic Beasts

The cutest creature you see in the movie (after Eddie Redmayne of course) is this little green guy. Bowtruckles are little plant-like creatures that look like a stem of a plant with branches. Their quality is that these little things can pick locks easily and therefore can be quite handy if you often lose your keys! The bowtruckle that Newt carries around in his pocket is called ‘Pickett’ and he is very shy and fond of Newt.

4. Niffler:

Probably the first creature that we are introduced to in the movie is this cute yet annoying creature known as the Niffler. Nifflers look like a platypus and are very attracted to shiny objects. If you have seen the movie then this little guy probably made you laugh with his tantrums quite a few times. They might look cute because of their size but are quite destructive.

Fun fact: Nifflers were used by goblins to search for treasures in mines.

3. Occamy:

One of the most entertaining scenes in the film is when almost the whole cast is trying to catch this gigantic snake cum peacock like creature known as the Occamy. It looks frightening and pretty at the same time and its best feature is that it can change its size according to its container. So it can become the biggest creature and also the smallest if the need arise.

Warning: Always keep a Teapot around for this one.

2. Swooping Evil:

The most confusing and mysterious creature shown in the film was this reptilic-butterfly looking creature with a strange name. Newt often throws it around like a yo-yo and it is shown in its full glory in the scene where Porpentina was stuck in that horrific black liquid thing. The best feature about this fantastic beast is that not only it flies but that it can suck out a person’s brain! Evil right? Also, it produces a venom which can erase bad memories. This particular feature proves to be quite useful at the end of the movie.

 1. Thunderbird:

Is your Ilvermony house a Thunderbird? Well, then you will be happy to know that it is one of the most fantastic beasts ever! This creature is the reason that Newt decides to come to America. A thunderbird is a huge bird like creature that can create storms and also sense danger. The thunderbird shown in the movie is called Frank and his kind of saves the day at the end of the movie. Also, there is a moment between him and Newt which gives us serious memories of Harry and Buckbeak from POA.

So these are some of the most fantastic beasts that were shown in the first installment of this new franchise. There are many more fantastic beasts that did little guest appearances in the movie and hopefully will show up in the next installments too.

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