5 Indian Movies That Are At Par With Hollywood Movies

A common (mis)projection about Indian Movies is that they would be the same old cliched romantic movies with a bunch of few songs and a fight with the villain at the end. Contrary to this belief here are 5 breathtaking movies which you would never get over.

1)   “I”

Bodybuilder turned supermodel hero-Vikram and an established supermodel Amy Jackson are the “it” couple. Jealous bystanders make it so that they both cannot be together by making Vikram prone to a medical illness. The humongous weight change of the protagonist was jaw dropping and was the most discussed topic for a while. The costume designing and the portrayal of the beast was mesmerizing with a storyline different from the usual.

2)   “Ra One”

An iconic film about a robot which was designed for a video game that comes to life and becomes an inherent part of its creator’s family. The fact that makes Ra One stand out is that the kid also plays a major part in defeating the villain. It gives an indirect message as to how video games affect our daily lives.

3)   “Robot”

Robot starring the one and only Superstar, Mr. Rajnikanth is a milestone in the line of creativity and screenplay. Though a number of movies about Robots have been made this movie shows as to how artificial intelligence keeps developing. When the robot started to have feelings just like a human all hell broke loose as it had an agenda of its own. The creativity of how the robot planned to get what it wanted by reproducing itself was something no one would have ever anticipated.

4)   “Bahubali 1”

Situated in Ancient India is the prosperous kingdom of “Mahizhmathi”. The story begins with a lady giving up her life to protect a new child, Mahendra Bahubali who is then saved by a tribe and brought up by them. In his 20’s he comes to know about his father who was the king of Mahizhmathi. The flashback comprises of how his father Amarendra Bahubali wins the throne against his brother. The scenic beauty and the prosperity of the kingdom and the peaceful surroundings are portrayed in a mesmerizing manner. The signature scene of young Bahubali is when he lifts a heavy figurine of Lord Shiva to prevent his mother from incurring more pain. The female characters are majestic and have a commanding nature which cannot be seen in many movies. Music, storyline, screenplay, graphics, CGI and whatnot- everything is so great that it is better than some Hollywood movies.

5)   “Bahubali 2”

moviesAfter the release of part 1, the viewers desperately waited for the part to know the reason why the faithful Kattappa killed Bahubali. They were not disappointed. Part 1 hit the roof and part 2 was unbelievably better.  Importance was given to action against the objectification of women and how women don’t always go behind wealth.  Anushka Shetty’s character highlighted bravery and independence. When Devasena stood trial for cutting off the fingers of a guy who touched women inappropriately, Bahubali intervenes and says,”You did a mistake! You shouldn’t have cut his fingers, you should have taken off his head!” and slices the guys neck in front of the entire court. A goosebumps moment for every single viewer.

The grandeur, eloquence, creativity and perfection portrayed in these films are phenomenal which makes these films stand out and make history.

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