The Shocking Transformation That Vision Will Have In Infinity War

When The Vision was created in Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was finally a compound body for the voice that had been Tony Stark’s constant companion. But unlike his former self, the Vision was on a path that only his creator could dream about. Just as his character’s arc in the comics, the character’s storyline comprised of an ill-fated relationship with Scarlet Witch. The seeds were buried and their relationship was slowly coming to fruition with each new film.

The Shocking Transformation The Vision Will Have In Infinity War Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The vision had swooped in to save Wanda from the destruction of Sokovia in Age Of Ultron and their relationship slowly progressed in Captain America: Civil War, becoming a pivotal part of the entire film. So what will be in store for the character in Avengers: Infinity War?

Since Vision was created from the Mind stone, he will definitely be a significant part of the film, but what of his budding relationship?


The website E!Online featured exclusive pictures from the Infinity Wars set which has Vision in non-alien wear and looking more human than we had ever seen before. Garbed in a sweater, the character is pictured sharing their first kiss.

Does this mean that Vision will become human in the next Avengers movie? That is one theory, given that Thanos will need to acquire all the Infinity Stones to build the Infinity Gauntlet, the villain could have convinced the character that a future with Wanda was possible.

This could also be Vision’s own desire to become something else to fit into a fairly plausible relationship and could be just a dream sequence either from Scarlet Witch’s end or Vision (though he doesn’t sleep).

And speaking of Scarlet Witch, the character has been known to house some powerful magic that could manipulate things as she desires. She had even created children with Vision after they married in the comics, so anything is possible. Whatever the reveal may be, shippers of the two characters would be happy to know that something is finally happening for their teased about romance.

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