Captain America Vs Batman: Who Will Be The Last Man Standing?

Captain America Vs Batman: who will lose? Heroes, the men we consider our protectors. The title of hero belongs to the men and women who fight for something greater than themselves, and there are two men in the shared comic universes who deserve this title more than anybody else. Batman and Captain America are two sides of the same coin. As strange as that might seem, the similarities between the two characters become apparent when we begin to analyze them.

Both are regular human beings (for all his super serum soldier powers, Steve Rogers is still just a regular human body taken to its logical extreme) who have trained or have been enhanced to peak human capabilities. Both the combatants are exceptional fighters to the point that they have mastered every martial art known to man. Both men are soldiers, although Batman’s war is not for his country but for his city. Both men have an innate sense of Justice that prevails above all else.

Batman and Captain America are both on the same side and should never end up battling each other, but for argument’s sake at quirkybyte bring you the battle of the ages. Captain America Vs Batman, the leader of the Avengers takes on the brains (and sometimes brawn) the entire DC universe. The soldier takes on the vigilante.

Basic Character Breakdown

Before we start analyzing the battle scene we need to delve into the personality breakdown of each character. It is imperative to the argument that we establish the origin stories and the mentality of the characters. Because when you think Batman Vs, Captain America, even a layman realizes that it will be a battle of endurance and wits as much as it will be a battle of hand to hand combatants. Both men are skilled fighters, and both of them refuse to go down even when they know they are beaten. Both men Excel against opponents much stronger than themselves and it is not often that either of these men is defeated.

Captain America

Born to poor immigrant parents in Manhattan 1920, Steven Rogers never had any privileges while growing up. The boy was poor, intellectually inept and had a frail body. His peers had written Rogers off the first time they saw him, however, something inside Steve shone brighter than everything else. This was his sense of Justice. Steven Rogers only had one dream, to fight for his country in the second world war. But he has disqualified from the selection process in many an army recruitment offices because of his frail physical structure. The man continued to persevere and was finally enrolled in Dr. Erskine’s Project Rebirth. It was the experiments of project rebirth that granted Steve with the powers and abilities to become the Captain America we know today.

Brimming with the super soldier serum, Steve Rogers became Captain America, the strongest and fastest soldier known to man. The Star-spangled soldier went from being the reject of society to the peak of human capability. The man had the capability to benchpress 1100 lbs and run a mile in 73 seconds. That makes him at least twice as strong and thrice as fast as the current world record holders. The stats considered in the current fight are:

Full name: Steven Rogers

Age: Indeterminate, due to cryo-sleep and stasis

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 lbs

Net worth: N/A

Peak human capability

Adept at every martial art known to man

Adept in military tactics

Master of infiltration and rescue

Master of covert ops

Master of surgical strikes

Twice as strong as the strongest human

Thrice as fast as the strongest human

Lightweight titanium, Kevlar and Nomex suit

Proto-Adamantium and Vibranium Alloy shield

Expert hand to hand combatants

Enhanced metabolism enabling him to perceive and react faster than normal humans would ever be capable of


Born Bruce Wayne, the child of Gotham’s wealthiest family, Batman lost both of his parents at young age. In a crime inflicted Gotham, Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down by a lowly thug in crime alley looking to get his hands on Martha’s pearls and Thomas’s purse. This. Incident left a young Bruce Wayne traumatized and set up his journey to overcome fear. To make sure that Gotham sees the day where no child had to be as helpless or as angry as he was.

To Bruce, the criminal on that night does not represent a man, the man who gunned down Thomas and Martha Wayne is the personification of his city’s filth. Bruce would later roam the world to hone his body and mind to peak human performance. Batman took the fight to Gotham’s filth and swore to clean his city with his own two hands.

The basic stats of Batman considered in this fight are :

Full name: Bruce Wayne

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 210 lbs

Hometown: Gotham City

Net Worth: $9.2 Billion

Has twelve masters degrees

World’s greatest detective and tactician


Mastered 127+ martial arts

Peak human physical and mental condition

Bat-suit equipped with shock gloves

Utility belt and miscellaneous gadgets

Master of stealth and deception


When two opponents are as equally matched as these two in terms of physical and mental capabilities the edge in battle usually belongs to the man better equipped for the fight. It is assumed that this is an off the cuff battle and that both heroes only use standard gear. Although both The Captain and Batman have special suits in their arsenal such as the hell bat suit and the Iron Man version of Captain America. However, these weapons have been used by these heroes in specific battles and it will be an injustice to the battle to introduce such factors and weapons just to tip the balance in favor of one of the combatants. The standard gear of each participant is iterated below.


Although you often hear fans and other characters referring to Captain America as a soldier, he is not one to resort to lethal force all that often. The man dresses up lightly. His combat armor consists of the iconic Captain America Star Spangled uniform which was made out of lightweight Titanium, Kevlar and Nomex. The Captain America uniform can stop low powered projectiles and small blades. The armor/costume is also capable of stopping most blunt force trauma, but the question is how much protection can the suit really provide against the superhuman punches of the Dark Knight.

Regardless, another weapon (and perhaps the only one he uses) in the arsenal of Captain America is his Proto-Adamantium and vibranium alloy shield that was presented to the Captain by the president of United States himself.

The iconic captain America shield is capable of stopping virtually any projectile or punch thrown at it. The Captain has used the shield to block bullets, projectiles, high powered punches, and even Thor’s hammer. The Captain also uses the shield as a projectile to incapacitate his enemies. Steve throws the shield in a way that it recoils and always lands back in his hand. It is one of the most imperative parts of his developed fighting style. He can fight without the shield just as well but with it, the man becomes a force of nature. Captain America rarely ever resorts to use of firearms and never carries one with him when heading to battle.


When you think armor, you rarely think of the bat-suit. There are far better armors in the DC comic continuity (anti monitor, Luthor’s power suit, Kryptonian battle armor just to state a few) and even deadlier weapons. The beauty of the bat-suit does not lie in its tactical ability, but in the fact that how deadly Bruce Wayne can be when he’s wearing it. The plating of bat-suit is a variation on tactical kevlar mesh (rather a several layers of thinly layered kevlar, sort of like what happens with bulletproof glass).

The bat-suit provides protection from projectiles like bullets but is weak against piercing weapons. Even though the suit is able to fend off a couple of shots from a handgun/rifle, it will not sustain itself under the high volume of rabid projectiles. Bat-suit can stop combat knives and machetes but the protection is not absolute and unlike T’Challa’s Vibranium mesh, the bat-suit has weak-points (most notably the abdominal cavity) .

The bat-suit is not an armor, it’s Bruce Wayne’s battle dress, the cowl is equipped with sonar, x-ray, a bad computer uplink, heat vision, night vision, and communication capabilities. Batman also has access to all the information in the public domain. If you’re in the system then you’re in Batman’s database. Bat-suit is further equipped with projectiles, shock gloves, smoke grenades, cape and grappler for maneuverability, detonation liquid, Sonic and remote-controlled batarangs, so on and so forth. The two most essential parts of Batman’s arsenal his combat vehicles, the Batmobile and the batwing. Both capable of the high-speed chase and prolonged firefights. The readers should remember that the bat-suit is an infiltration suit, not a combat armor and Bruce is the master of stealth.

Death battle: Captain America Vs Batman

Captain America Vs Batman
Captain America Vs Batman

Before we start the battle we shall determine what is the mentality of the characters going into battle and how will we ensure a winner. Since both combatants are men who run their operations with a self-righteous sense of justice, we will take any incapacitation or knock out as a win. It is also pertinent to note that both characters do not go for the kill. Although the Captain is a soldier, a born and bred dog who bites when Uncle Sam tells him to, he is still a man who follows justice and not orders. Batman, on the other hand, takes any and all measures necessary to ensure a win. It is very hard to keep the dark knight down. Batman’s resilience is legendary but if Captain can restrain Batman’s movement (unlikely) or physically incapacitate the dark knight (Lol) the Captain would score a victory.

Captain America Vs Batman
Captain America Vs Batman

The combatants come face to face when they are chasing the same lead in the dark alleys of New York City. Mis-interpreting the other as the perpetrator they have been looking for the men enter battle. As soon as Rogers spots the creature in the corner of the room a smoke pellet lands at his feet. Blinded by the smoke, Captain reaches for his shield on his back. Before he can ready his defenses, a blow catches his jaw and another land in his gut. The third, however, Steve anticipates and blocks just below his chest. The vibranium shield clunks like it has been hit with a hammer and the smoke disperses slowly. Captain America gets a good look at his opponent for the first time. It’s not a creature, unlike what Steve thought. It’s a man in a bat costume, a very angry man in a bat costume.

Batman growls at Steve with disdain,

“Drop the shield and surrender, and I will only break some of your bones”. Steve manages a smirk, “ I could say the same to you son, lay down…… whatever weapons you have in that costume and I will restrain from hurting you”

“………” Batman stares unflinching and angry

“So be it” The Captain declares with finality

Captain America Vs Batman
Captain America Vs Batman

The men pause a second longer and then enter battle mode. Unlike normal battles that they undertake on a regular basis both men realize that their opponent is a skilled hand to hand combatant. A series of feints, their blows land with surgical precision but there is no force behind their attacks. The men test their foe, they test the other’s skill and battle prowess and then realizing what they are up against the men create distance between each other.

“You’re not a bad fighter, I do not wish to hurt you, son, come with me peacefully. This is your final chance” Captain America pleads

“…… Do not threaten me, soldier, we settle this here” Batman declares.

Captain America Vs Batman
Captain America Vs Batman

The dark Knight throws a couple of batarangs at the captain, harmless trinkets that Steve easily avoids but he misses the feint, for as soon as he lowers the shield a punch catches him in the face. Disoriented, Rogers barely dodges the next couple of blows by a hair’s breadth, mainly out of instinct. The men clash for a bit longer before Steve’s tireless adrenaline kicks in. Batman may be the peak of human capability but he is still human. No matter how little, the man still has fatigue, unlike Captain America whose enhanced metabolism and super soldier serum also Grant him virtually endless stamina.

The Captain fights like a true soldier, exchanging blow for blow with Batman with surgical precision, adjusting his speed so Bruce can hardly anticipate where the attacks come from. Slowly but surely the captain pressures Bruce pressures the Batman. Like a game of chess, he gains a footing in the fight with a shield throw here a random gut punch there. Not enough to put Batman down, but enough to pressure the lad.

Bruce knows this man is a good fighter. He feels it when he blocks every punch. The only other people he knows who are so well versed in every martial art conceivable are Lady Shiva and Deathstroke. Who is this man, and why is he perpetrating crimes in the back alley of New York. That does not matter right now, what matters is that this man is dangerous and needs to be put down before he hurts someone. With a deafening scream, Bruce activates the shock gloves and goes to town on Captain America. The shield blocks the force of the punches but the electricity hurts every time. Like a thousand bees stinging every time Steve blocks a blow. He loses footing and keeps on losing it until a freeze grenade lands at his foot and blocks Rogers in place. Before the man can figure out what to do a shocking pun catches him in the face and knocks out Captain America. Batman wins.

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