The Flash: Someone Will DIE And It’s Not Going To Be Iris West  

If Zoom took the speed of Barry aka Flash at a gunpoint, Savitar poisoned the source of Barry’s speed force itself. He is able to heal his wounds with super-speed which will give Wolverine run for his money. He commands a massive following and understands speed force better than anyone. The others adopted the speed-force, he was born in it. He is a self-proclaimed God of Speed and a loose version of Black Racer from Geoff Johns latest Flash Rebirth.

He first became a thing during Mark Wade’s run. He started off like Max Mercury/Johnny Quick who got stuck in a speed force in the past and then he was brought into the present day. He is a Wally West era villain which explains the presence of Kid Flash. He is not just a powerful speedster, he can create special force fields, transfer kinetic energy at will to anything around him and create a geo-kinesis/earth-bending effect. He is also a master of psychological torture.

It has been revealed that Savitar is trapped for eternity by the future Flash (in comics it’s Wally west), and he can manifest only if the box carrying Brahmastra gets opened. He is now free from the stranglehold while Jay Garrick has taken his place at the speed force.

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He made a prophecy that one member of the Team Flash shall die, and fans think it’s most likely Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West whom he saw being stabbed by Savitar when he accidently traveled five months into the future. The biggest question in the mind of every fan is – Can Flash somehow save Iris West from her probable death?


But, now we have a definite answer as one shocking new image has been released online. It shows a funeral where everyone is present including Barry, Iris, Joe, Cisco, Julian, Wally, HR, Jesse, Jay Garrick and Gypsy. Well, the only one who is markedly absent is Caitlin Snow. We saw how she turned into her evil meta-human version Killer Frost, she could well die in a conflict with Savitar if she is brought into her human state by Team Flash. This is also the most logical character who can be killed without impacting the story in a big way.

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