5 Marvel Superheroes Who Have Defeated Gods

Superheroes go to any level to get things done whether spoiling evil plans of archenemies to blowing them into bits. And they have always reflected a true spirit in saving humanity and people from criminality. Some of them possess god-like powers and prove to be the ultimate saviors, but when they are at the worst, they whisk some trouble. So here we bring you five Marvel superheroes who have beaten the shit out of gods.

Magneto defeats Apocalypse

There have been several timelines that have been interlinked with each other. In one of the instances X-Men attack Apocalypse’s fortification, where Magneto, with the help of Bishop, manages to a correct timeline. After a while, the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, Nat Grey, joins the fight. Later on, Magneto kills Apocalypse by blasting him in air.

Adam Warlock kills Thanos

Adam Warlock once had Soul Gem and this was the last Gem that Thanos needed to deteriorate the universe. Later on, Thanos manages to trap Avengers in a certain time and injure Warlock. But after being interrupted by The Thing and Spider-Man, Thanos is turned into a stone before Soul Gem was pulled back.

Hank Pym kills Galactus

In The Marvel Zombies series, after Silver Surfer comes to earth, superhero zombies feel that they possess some of Surfer’s Power Cosmic. Later on, Bruce Banner, Luke Cage, Captain America, Tony Stark, Wolverine and Peter Parker, along with Hank Pym work on a Power Cosmic amplifier in Pym’s lab. The blast emitted from the amplifier cut through Galactus and kills him.

Thor kills his grandfather

Loki has always been a bane for Thor and looked for ways to make him feel bad. In Thor #600, Odin’s father, Bor was brought up back to life and that’s when Loki’s evil mind look out for a battle with his brother Thor. After a while, Bor gets boiled up after seeing Thor using Odinforce. But he had no choice other than killing his grandfather.

Deadpool kills Thor


The Merc with The Mouth is now one of the most-loved Marvel superheroes. After winging his way through 2016’s movie of the same name, Deadpool has appeared as invincible. In ‘Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe’. Deadpool faces the Avengers and uses Pym particles. It was hard for him to defeat Thor, but he manages to enlarge Mjolnir and tuck Thor beneath the hammer.

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