15 Insane Fan Theories About The Avengers Infinity War That Might Be True

Infinity War is a few months away to rock every Marvel lover’s world. The much-awaited movie will pit Earth’s mightiest heroes against the Mad Titan Thanos and his dreaded Black Order coming to earth in search of the Infinity Stones. What will happen when they come? No one knows for sure.

Marvel fans are peddling interesting fan theories that are just too hard to ignore. They may or may not come true. Here’s a list of all the major ones:

15. Vision is killed by Thanos

The Avengers will be up and ready to make Thanos bite the dust when their most powerful and strongest ally is effortlessly knocked down by the megalomaniac super villain and the mind stone powering his android body ripped off from his forehead, essentially killing him. His death will throw the team into utter despair.

14. Captain America dies

The source material can help address this theory. In the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Captain America is killed by Thanos while trying to wrestle the arm out of the latter’s hand. Tony Stark’s vision in Avengers Age of Ultron showed a dead Cap with his broken shield. Chris Evans’ contract with the MCU is ending. All of this implies the theory might be true.

13. A New Captain America


In the comics, Steve Rogers ha died several times. Each time his death leaves his shield empty, someone else has come to wield it. The Winter Soldier and the Falcon have both assumed Cap’s mantle in the comics. Lates photos show Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier holding a shield that looks like Captain America’s. Could it be?

12. Captain America is sent back in time

He never got to finish that last dance with Peggy in The First Avenger. Almost everyone Steve Rogers knows is dead except an old Peggy who now suffers from frequent amnesia. Maybe it is time for Cap to let go of the fight and his shield. Maybe the time stone will be used to send him to the past. It all makes sense when you think about his vision in Age of Ultron.

11. Thor will claim the Odinforce


Odin may look like a frail old man to you in MCU but he is one of the mightiest beings in all of the cosmos. Odin wields the Odinforce – a power beyond comprehension which once allowed Thor to go head on against the Celestials. The MCU doesn’t have the celestials but it has the next best thing – Thanos. Considering Thor is the King of Asgard now, maybe the Odin force will be his to wield at the hour of need.

10. The Villains from the previous movies will be resurrected

One of Marvel’s greatest failures is the lack of a villain evil enough to be called a villain. All we get are people with daddy issues or bad guys with a terrible sense of humor. Villains don’t do that. But all hope is not lost. Maybe the Soul Stone will bring back those long dead villains back to life to aid Thanos. Red Skull, Ronan the Accuser, Malekith, Ultron and Obadiah Stane will all be resurrected.

9. Spiderman will bond with the Venom symbiote


Sony has finally let go of Spiderman. Now, all it needs to worry about is the new Venom movie in the works. Marvel can do one last favor for Sony. The Infinity War can push Spiderman’s adventures into space where he will meet the Venom Symbiote and don a black suit in his fight against Thanos. But spidey will let go of that suit later on earth which will then find its way to Eddie Brock and thus beginning the Venom franchise.

8. Everybody dies and are later brought back from the dead

The Infinity Gauntlet saga is famous for two things- the Infinity Gauntlet (DUH!!) and Marvel’s unflinching courage to not hesitate from killing their most iconic superheroes. In Avengers: Age of Ultron we see Tony Stark experiencing a vision which makes him relive a nightmare where every one of his friends is dead. The movie could be just as dark. But death is not a problem anymore in MCU. Strange can use the time stone to bring back everyone on a later time and date.

7. More than 60 superheroes will appear

Since the start of the MCU with Iron Man, the Marvel family has steadily increased to include new and unexpected faces. On The Stephen Colbert Show, Scarlett Johansson can be Heard saying there are “61 or 62” of them sharing screen space in the movie. Whole worlds of characters you haven’t seen are set to appear.

6. Captain America lifts Thor’s Hammer

In Age of Ultron, Steve Roger almost ends up lifting the hammer and giving Thor the cold sweats. Mjolnir is a hammer that is not lifted with super strength but by being worthy enough to wield it. Cap has already lifted the hammer in the comics. Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok but maybe somehow Cap will end up with Mjolnir against an unstoppable foe like Mjolnir.

5. Captain Marvel will recruit the Guardians of the Galaxy in the fight against Thanos

Captain Marvel


The Guardians make an appearance t the very end of the trailer. But Thor is still not sure if a band of misfits and outlaws are capable of handling a world-ending threat like Thanos. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, knows everything about them in the first place. She is the leader of S.W.O.R.D – an organization that keeps a tab on alien threats.

4. Loki dies saving thor


Loki is by far the most awesome villain the MCU has to offer. Starting off as a villain in Thor and The Avenger, Loki showed how truly redeemable he can be in Thor: Ragnarok when he helped save countless innocent lives from Hela’s wrath. Infinity War might be the final culmination of his transition into the good guy. Loki could finally do the right thing and become the hero he is supposed to be.

3. The Skrulls are already here

A much-publicized fan theory states that the Skrulls have replaced major superheroes of Earth with their shape-shifting double agents. Marvel’s acclaimed Secret Invasion could be the next big threat looming over the MCU. Captain Marvel is set in the 90’s and she is the leader of an organization specializing in fighting aliens. It all makes sense when you put two and two together. The Skrulls are coming people.

2. Nova makes his debut in the MCU

In the comics, it is the Silver Surfer who warns the Earthlings about Thanos and his arrival on earth in search of the stones. But since Fox studios own the rights to Silver Surfer, Richard Ryder aka Nova will be the next best thing. Thanos needs the power stone to complete his gauntlet which is in the possession of the Nova Corps. After destroying them and leaving Richard Ryder as the only survivor, Nova could head to Earth and join the heroes against Thanos.

1. Hulk dies

It will be sad to see the gentle green giant finally rest in peace. With Universal owning the distribution rights, Hulk is not a hero Marvel Studios can explore further. The closest they could come was to Thor: Ragnarok. Now with Hulk returning back to Earth, Mark Ruffalo’s character should be finally be sent off for good. That would be the wiser thing to do.

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