5 Marvel Characters Who Use Adamantium Other Than Wolverine

Adamantium is a virtually indestructible iron-based alloy which has been a prominent element of the Marvel comics. Created by several comic book characters, the metal allows first appeared in Avengers #66 in 1969. It seems like Wolverine has all the rights to benefit from the alloy and become invincible. But most of us are not aware of the facts that outer shell of Ultron and phalanges of Lady Deathstrike. Made from different chemical raisins, only of few of them know the formula. So here we bring you five characters who use Adamantium other than Wolverine.

Doctor Octavius

Created by  Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Doctor Octavius first appeared in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man #3’ in 1963. It has not been easy for him to keep winning against his rogues. He is such a villain who has defeated Hulk and the one who was forced to use Adamantium robot-arms which also ripped the Iron Man’s suit.


Laura Kinney often dubbed as X-23 first appeared in NYX #3 in 2004 and recently appeared in Hugh Jackman’s last movie, Logan. Just like Wolverine, she has grown up through pain and violence. She earlier had bone claws, but they were extracted forcefully by Zander Rice and then he re-installed it with Adamantium coating.

Hammer Head

Created by  John Romita Sr. and Gerry Conway, Hammerhead first appeared in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man #113’ in 1972. He is often known to be thumping Spiderman from his Frankenstein’s head. It is believed that his head was made from an earlier form of Adamantium.


Sabretooth first appeared in Iron Fist #14 in1977 and has fought throughout his life without being attached to Adamantium. But later on his skeleton was coated with it and he became an unstoppable war machine.



Bullseye’s assassin career was almost over when he fell off from a skyscraper fighting Daredevil. He broke his spine which almost killed him, but Dark Wind was there to assist him. He decided to rebuild his spine from Adamantium.

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