LOGAN: 7 Easter-Eggs That Connect Wolverine With X-Men Universe

The beloved Australian actor Hugh Jackman is very satisfied and emotional about playing Logan/Wolverine in the final standalone movie of the franchise directed by James Mangold. He pulled off a masterful performance in Logan which deserves an Oscar nomination. He has given over a decade of his life to this character, and have played it like a boss. He has been revered by both critics and fans for his gritty performances in successive X-Men and independent Wolverine movies. It’s almost unimaginable to even think of any other actor besides Hugh Jackman to bring Wolverine to life. He recently said in an interview –

“I’m really, really proud of this movie. I was really keen that I didn’t leave the party feeling like I could dance more. I think I’m pretty much danced out, and I had a great time. It’s been an unbelievable ride, but it feels right.”

The movie has opened to a massive start with box-office collections in excess of $80 million in the opening weekend, making it among the top five R-rated movies. The story of Logan is set up in 2029 which is way past 2024, the year mentioned in the epilogue scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past. But there were many easter eggs in the movie which connects it with the X-Men franchise.


LOGAN: 7 Easter-Eggs That Connects Wolverine With X-Men Universe

A character played by Stephen Merchant is a key player in X-Men comics including apocalypse, plus his ability to track mutants is a tribute to an original comic where he assembled ‘Morlocks’ (an underground community of mutants).

The Adamantium Bullet:

The fact that Logan kept a metal bullet made of adamantium, which is the only weapon that can kill him. It played a significant role in X-Men: Origins where he was shot by an adamantium bullet which erased his memory of life (which is why he was lost in first X-Men).

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