Legends of Tomorrow: Here’s Why REVERSE FLASH Wants Spear of Destiny

In the mid-season finale, we saw how Sara traded the mystical amulet with Reverse Flash for the life of Prof. Stein. He discovered that the powers of the talisman may be beyond anyone’s imagination, it was “spear of destiny”, a powerful artifact (reality gem) that can be used to reshape time & space with a fine comb.

The spear of destiny was once used to pierce through the side of Lord Jesus Christ and was passed on from one owner to another throughout history.

At the time of World War II, Adolf Hitler got his hands on the spear which prevented any American superhero whose powers were born out of magic from intervening in the war, hence he created an axis of evil which helped conquer much of the world and establish a sphere of influence. In the end, he corrupted the weapon and anyone who wielded it.

President Bill Clinton ordered Superman to confront Spectre using the spear, instead, it corrupted the Man of Steel and he slayed all of his allies and close friends. Finally, Batman confronted the Superman and helped him deny the vision and reject the spear.

Recently, in the DC comics, the spear fell into the hands of Dragon King who was the last owner of it as it’s believed to be lost forever.

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In the latest episode titled “Moonshot”, when Eobard Thawne and Dr. Ray Palmer/Atom were stuck in the outer space, the Reverse Flash/Thawne has accidently revealed his motivation to have ‘spear of destiny. He said he wants to protect his life. He died in the Flash season 1 as Joe West partner cum Iris’s boyfriend Eddie Thawne killed himself which wiped off the Thawnes’ family line from the very existence. From the very beginning, what is the one thing that Reverse Flash wants to accomplish in his life? Well, he wants to get rid of Barry Allen without erasing himself from the timeline. With the Spear of Destiny, he can do it.

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