5 Famous Celebrities Who Look Hot When They Surf

Surfing has always been so cool sports filled with freedom and positive vibes. Catching the waves is one of the coolest things to do on weekends. Everyone loves to learn how to surf including celebrities, especially they come after a long tour of their latest record and the back-to-back schedule of promoting movies just piss them off. We generally stumble upon several surfing pictures of the celebrities on internet and today we bring you five of the hottest celebrities who look sexy while surfing.

Cameron Díaz

Cameron Diaz loves to burn his stress through surfing and she has been spotted several times in the waters surfing around. She is so fond of the sports that she performed her own surfing stunts in Charlie’s Angels and Full Throttle. Her 31st birthday party gave her a bad experience when she broke her nose after she was hit by another surfboard.

Vanessa Hudgens

Well, Vanessa Hudgens does know how to surf well, but she has always been enthusiastic about the sports. Her trip with Ashley Green let her catch some waves and learn the sport. She also joined an event called ‘Learn To Surf’ and pretty much nailed it as a first timer. Good Job!

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