Here’s How Phoenix Force Might Appear In X-Men Supernova

With the news that the next X-Men movie, X-Men Supernova, will concentrate on Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force, we could not help but wonder which version of the Phoenix Force would be adapted for the new film. The concept has been interpreted into different versions through the years leaving fans to wonder the possibilities.

The Original Phoenix:

Here's How Phoenix Force Might Appear In X-Men Supernova
Phoenix Force X-Men Supernova

The Phoenix was the brainchild of legendary writer Chris Claremont. Claremont decided that Jean Grey should have a bit of a modification which showcased the once controlled character to a bit more “schizoid” in her personality. When the Phoenix part of her arises, Jean transforms into a wild being who is less in control of her powers. Claremont took her to deep space to showcase her powers.When John Byrne replaced Claremont, the Dark Phoenix was created which showed how too much power had corrupted the character, at one point even destroying an entire star system.X-Men: The Last stand faithfully depicted how Jean Grey would be when the Phoenix was unleashed and how it led t her death.

The Rise Of The Phoenix Force:

The Phoenix Force was then turned into a separate entity of its own since Jean Grey’s death. It has become a cosmic force of death and resurrection and has even been drawn to interact with a sorcerer named Feron. The Force even created a duplicate Jean and inhabited it, but ultimately, human emotion was just too much for it to handle, hence the birth of Dark Phoenix. The new Phoenix Force also differed from the original in that the Phoenix’s inability to deal with human emotion threatened the universe while the original saw Jean commit suicide because she was a threat to the universe.

The Spiritual Phoenix:

The comic book writer Grant Morrison re-imagined The Phoenix Force as a form of spiritual force. This mystical concept consisted of something known as the Divine being united with The Phoenix Force. This just meant that Jean Grey merged with the Force after her death. She has not yet been resurrected after this particular death.

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