5 Frightening Horror Movie Villains Who Only Appeared Once

Not even lead heroes, but villains of horror movies are the most mysterious characters and we keep wondering about their wicked plans when they do evil things against good. Evil kills all, but the good clears it off. So here we bring you five horror movie villains who only appeared once.

David – The Lost Boys

5 Best Horror Movie Villains Who Only Appeared Once

The make-up didn’t come out well. David is unfeeling and tempting in an equivalent measure, and it’s anything but difficult to see why his gathering would be appealing to join. While he gives off an impression of being slaughtered in the last scene the producers kept their sentiments open.

The Wraith – It Follows

‘It Follows’ has one of those basic yet consummate frightfulness ideas, where a young person named Jay is passed a sexually transmitted revile, which means she’s continually trailed by an evil presence who can take over anybody. The film drains this idea for everything it has, prompting to some stupendously tense setpieces.

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