5 Frightening Horror Movie Villains Who Only Appeared Once

Buffalo Bill – The Silence Of The Lambs

Buffalo Bill abducts ladies, starves them and then does something really scary. He skins them to make a suit for himself and Levine’s profoundly unsettling execution of the character’s personality is the thing that makes him so significant. From his voice, his affection for slave being rubbed on the skin and his “suggestive” move to Goodbye Horses.

David Lo Pan – Big Trouble In Little China

John Carpenter is known for remakes, the strategically planned Big Trouble In Little China reboot has yet to meet up. With the way The Rock’s calendar is going, it most likely never will.

That is great since it implies miscreant David Lo Pan won’t need to be recast (yeah that’s true). James Hong was ideal for the part, with Lo Pan being an alchemist hoping to wind up the fragile living creature. He’s a blend of startling and amusing, with one shape being a weak old man and the other being a pale-confronted devil who can shoot light out of his eyes.

Molesar – The Keep

Molesar is a vampire-like creature who sucks the life out of his adversaries, and his remarkable plan consolidated with his affection for dispensing agony and dread make him a huge scoundrel. The suit looks somewhat unbalanced now and again.

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