Mission Impossible 6: Tom Cruise Cruises Down With Incredible Sky-Diving Stunt!!!

The Mission Impossible series of movies is probably the only Espionage-Thriller movie franchise other than James Bond to actually appeal to the global masses of all genders and age. After the debacle of James Bond: Spectre, it is kind of the only movie series with an audience that still invests time and money in the spy action category. And it is all because of the global action icon that goes by the name Tom Cruise. Mission Impossible 5 was a bit of a letdown but it still managed to garner massive Box Office earnings. With the trailer release of Mission Impossible 6, things are again looking up for the movie franchise. If the movie is even half as good as the trailer, we have yet another milestone of a movie in our hands. And to top it off, the movie’s marketing campaign keeps releasing new promotional BTS images and videos to keep the fans riled up until the movie’s release date. And they have done it again. Presenting Mission Impossible 6: Tom Cruise cruises down with incredible Sky-diving stunt!!!

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s greatest action superstars. Despite his age, he insists on doing his own stunts in the movies. He has done it time and again in the MI series. In Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise was seen clinging to the side of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. The picture of Cruise sitting atop the world’s tallest building and looking at the city of Dubai below was breathtaking and it immediately went viral. Tom Cruise was seen again in MI -5, the sequel to Ghost Protocol titled Rogue Nation, hanging from the side of a cargo plane as it took flight.

Fun Fact – it wasn’t a body double. He did that stunt himself. And Tom Cruise has stayed true to tradition when he skydives his way down as the adrenaline rush not only gets him but the ones watching him do it. In Mission Impossible 6: Fallout, Tom Cruise does an insane Sky-diving routine that will take your breath away.

A new MI 6 featurette shows the fans the level of planning it took for the movie crew to plan this stunt with Cruise. It took a lot of planning, says McQuarrie. The dangerous stunt was being planned for years on end and McQuarrie even claimed that he and Cruise were in constant touch with each other since several months to plan this stunt. So in other words, this stunt was years in the making. The harrowing stunt sequence is actually a HALO jump. Tom Cruise will create history when he becomes “the first actor ever to perform a HALO jump on camera.”

For the laymen here, a HALO jump is the short form for High Altitude Low Open jump that is practiced mainly by the military’s special-forces to drop into enemy territory without being detected. The trick is to jump from upwards of 25,000 feet but not open the parachute until you are 2000 feet above the ground. This is done to prevent the enemy from detecting the paratroopers. It is quite a dangerous move and only a few in the whole world can do it. Tom Cruise will be one of them.

He truly is an action icon.

The dangers with a HALO jump are several. There is a danger of hypoxia. There can also be decompression sickness, which comes when the body finds itself unable to adjust to the changing air pressure, resulting in lack of oxygen to the muscle tissues, which is deadly for a person sky-diving down as it can lead to temporary unconsciousness. And let’s not forget the bends, another major sickness generally associated with skydivers which prevent their body from pulling oxygen from the lungs. Producer Jake Myers said that the crew had to make a special helmet that could act both as a prop and a breathing apparatus for Cruise. The video also shows the several unsung heroes that helped plan this dangerous action sequence.

Here is the video:

Mission Impossible 6: Fallout is set for release on July 26, 2018. Do not let this movie go unwatched. Go grab your tickets before the theaters go houseful. The official film synopsis for the movie reads:

Mission Impossible 6 Tom cruise

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team find themselves in a race against time after a mission goes wrong.

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