5 Things You Never Knew About The Infinity Gauntlet

We have talked at length about the Infinity Stones, what their powers are and have also seen it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Infinity Gauntlet, however, is still unexplored territory for the MCU. Here are five facts you may not know about them:

Infinity Stones Used To Be A Cosmic Being:

In the comic Thanos Quest, it was revealed that the Infinity Stones or gems as they were known as were once a cosmic being. Thanos reveals that the being committed suicide out of loneliness and its death created the Infinity Gems. The comic Avengers/Ultraforce revealed the cosmic being to be Nemesis who survived in an alternate Earth.She attempted to merge with the gems to regain her original form but was stopped by the Ultraforce.

The Infinity Stones Cannot Be Destroyed:

In The New Avengers: Illuminati Vol.2 Issue 2, it was revealed that the Infinity Stones could not be destroyed no matter how hard the owner tried to destroy them. To destroy the stones meant that the universe would be put into chaos. That’s why they are hidden in separate locations.

The Soul Stone Is Alive:

The Soul Stone is actually a sentient and has a mind of its own. It has the power to manipulate living and dead souls and can change a person’s physical being. It can even possess people and can trap beings inside itself. It was attached to Adam Warlock’s forehead in the comics.

The Infinity Gauntlet Is Not All Powerful:

Although the Infinity Gauntlet has the power to destroy the Marvel Universe, it is still not the most powerful.There are several cosmic beings that are more powerful such as The One Above All, The Beyonder and The Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal even changed the function of the Stones and has prevented them from being used in unison.

There Is A Seventh Infinity Stone:

infinity gauntlet

There is a seventh Stone or Gem which is called the Ego Gem. It was discovered by Loki. When the Ego Gem was joined together with the other six gems, the sentient being Nemesis became whole. However, unlike the other six stones/gems, the Ego Gem could be destroyed.

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