5 Superpowers of Red Skull You Probably Don’t Know About

Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Red Skull first appeared in Captain America Comics #7 in 1941. He has been subjected do several cloning processes and his face looks like skull colored in red but wears a mask which makes his eyes look red. Also dubbed as Johann Shmidt, one of his clones returned to life during a war between Avengers and X-Men, which showed how mutants dominated and destroyed the world killing millions. During that time, he stole the brain of Professor-X to enhance his telepathic powers and formed his own group called S-Men. So today, we bring you five superpowers of Red Skull that make him one of the strongest villains in Marvel universe.

 1. Artificial Cloning

Superpowers of Red Skull

He can artificially clone with new bodies to gain other superpowers and abilities of superheroes. Once he transferred his consciousness into Steve Roger after Steve was injected and enhanced with Super Soldier Serum. The cloning enhanced the overall potential of the Red Skull giving superhuman abilities just like Rogers.

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2. Immortality

He can achieve immortality through his cloning and mind transference powers. After several deaths, Red Skull was able to the transfer his body into a new one the time he senses his death is near. Moreover, it enhanced his average human abilities and potential.

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