5 Most Beautiful Female Golfers In The World

3. Sophie Horn

Sophies Horn is one of the sexiest sportswomen in the world, according to several publishing magazines. She has a great body and seductive personality. Moreover, she is a three-time Norfolk County Champion and is on her way to becoming the face of this game.

4. Lexi Thompson

Alexis “Lexi” Thompson started her Golf career at the age of 12, who successfully qualified for U.S. Women’s Open and professionally entered the sport at the age of 15. She knows she is pretty hot and besides that, she hit a  359-yard drive at the LPGA Tour’s Lotte Championship. Those who are reading this can’t think of reaching this number.

5.  Veronica Felibert

Female Golfers

Veronica Felibert began her golf career at the age of several years. Not only she is known as a talented player in the game, due to her seductive personality she considered as a sex symbol. She is a true bombshell of the sport.

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