• 16 Super Hot Images of Gal Gadot That Truly Makes Her Wonder Woman

    Gal Gadot is one of the most successful models turned actress who is an embodiment of women empowerment. She is playing an iconic DC character Wonder Woman who is an Amazonian goddess with powerful capabilities. She has redefined sexuality and awesomeness in a new way. Her character in Fast and Furious was also loved by many fans. Here’re her hottest…

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  • 5 Most Beautiful Female Golfers In The World

    One of the quietest yet breathtaking games in the world, Golf seems to be high-profile games in the world. Just like cameras don’t stop focussing on players like Rory McIlroy, and Tiger WoodsTV, female golfer are not less that these fig fishes of the game. Being a part of the beautiful game, female players are not focussed and televised well…

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  • Newslive-865238_1280

    Till the End!

    A journey does not seem easy till we reach the end, except when it’s life. It always seems difficult but the irony is no one wants to see the end. We live in a world where life is, kind of, customised by us. We define life with respect to our expectations, our needs, our demands and our dreams! Consider a…

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  • Newswaterfall-ind-1-6

    6 Spectacular Water Falls in India

    India has most beautiful and stunning waterfalls. Every state in India has a unique and mesmerizing type of water fall to visit. When you try to list down all the waterfalls in India, you will get to know that there are more than 40 in number. Here are a few spectacular waterfalls in India that you must visit: Nohkalikai Falls…

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  • NewsMost Beautiful “Highs” in Asia

    5 Most Beautiful “Highs” in Asia

    ‘Highs’ in life generally bring in a lot of hullabaloo in life. The environment offers tranquility in its highest highs. It exuberate a peace, not a pride. Today, we take a moment to appreciate the peace of these valleys offer, while we take a tour of the biggest continent of the world to see the highs of this colossal mass…

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