10 Famous Actors And Their Auditions Before They Rose To Fame

Actors are not born “actors”, they have very long way to travel. There is a huge iceberg of hard work, sacrifice, and failures which can’t be seen easily. Not Before they were deemed top-billing material, even the biggest names in Hollywood had to audition for jobs. Here is a rundown of ten actors and their auditions before they hit it big in the industry.

Scarlett Johansson

In 1994, 11-year-old Scarlett Johansson set her eyes for the part of Judy Shepherd in the family flick Jumanji. She lost the part to kid performer Kirsten Dunst, whose execution in that year’s interview with the Vampire had effectively earned her a Golden Globe assignment.

Natalie Portman

In 1993, Natalie Portman tried out for the lead in Léon: The Professional of Mathilda, as an 11-year-old young who witnesses the slaughter of her family and gets to know a moderately aged hitman to look for reprisal. She handled the part and before the motion picture debuted, she changed her name from Neta-Lee Hershlag for protection reasons, taking her grandma’s original surname. She knows how to play safe.

Julia Roberts

Three years before her debut appearance in the film Satisfaction, Julia Roberts tried out for the high school dramatization Seven Minutes in Heaven, which came out in 1985. She lost the part to Jennifer Connelly. Roberts turned into a breakout star in the wake of showing up in Steel Magnolias in 1989 and Pretty Woman in 1990.

Rachel McAdams

In spite of the fact that she made her on-screen appearance in ‘The Hot Chick’ in 2002, Rachel McAdams didn’t soften out up Hollywood until she featured in both ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘The Notebook’ in 2004. McAdams strongly inquired about her character in The Notebook.

Brad Pitt

In the mid-’90s, Brad Pitt tried out for the part of Chicago firefighter Brian McCaffrey in Backdraft, a section that Robert Downey, Jr. likewise tried out for, however, which eventually went to William Baldwin. Strikingly, Baldwin was initially set to play the character of J.D. in ‘Thelma and Louise’, however, he hauled out, at last, to star in the greater planned Backdraft. The J.D. part inevitably went to Pitt and propelled his vocation.

Hugh Jackman

X-Men is one of the most successful franchises of the comic book cinematic universe. In the year 1999, Hugh Jackman auditioned for the role of Wolverine and was not selected. Dougray Scott became the first choice of Bryan Singer. And now rest is the history.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox made an extra appearance in Bad Boys 2 and finally caught the attention of Micahel Bay. She was cast as one of the leads in the Transformers franchise. She appeared in the first outing and the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Emma Stone 

Easy A is the first flick of Emma Stone. She sent her audion-tape to director Will Gluck and re-did it several times just to get a perfect shot. “I knew that if I had the control I was going to do it over and over and over and over because you don’t want to send something and be like, ‘That is the best I can do,'” Stone said in an interview.

Robert De Niro

Director Francis Ford Coppola was looking for somebody who could play gangster Sonny Corleone in The Godfather. Robert De Niro showed up and auditioned for the role, but was rejected. James Caan was signed for the role.Two years later, Niro was selected for The Godfather Part II. 

Leonardo Dicaprio 

In 1990, Leonardo Dicaprio auditioned for the role in a television series called The Outsiders, which was canceled a few weeks after his appearance in the episode.

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