5 Amazing Superpowers Which Make Deathstroke The Most Badass Assassin in DC Universe

When we talk about mercenaries and assassins, words are meaningless, and what matters is to follow through your mission and complete it. And this reminds us of DC’s most badass and guns-for-hire character, Deathstroke.  Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Deathstroke, also dubbed as Slade Wilson, first appeared in New Teen Titans #2 in 1980. After being recruited by special ops unit Team 7, Wilson proceeded for an experimental procedure which gave him incredible powers like super strength, intelligence and enchained healing power, making him one of the most badass soldiers in the world. And today, we are going to count down five amazing powers why he the strongest assassin in DC universe.

1. High Intellect

Deathstroke’s intellect is far superior to an average human being and he can process and perceive information nine times faster. He can easily go back in time and recall everything he has experienced in his life. His mind is more like a compact supercomputer highly efficient to store unlimited data. His sense of timing is so damn perfect that he can frequently calculate speed, distance and time while fighting with his enemies.

2. Reflexes

Deathstroke’s super flawless dexterity and coordination allow him to spontaneously dodge bullet fires and fight his rogues more efficiently. He can persistently recognize the intentions of his enemies, which let him figure out the intention of them. Moreover, he can get a complete overview of future events that make him faster and help him to figure out the consequences.

3. Super speed and Stamina

The mercenary can reach anywhere in mail seconds reaching a speed of 60mph. He can attack faster than you glance. He has incredible stamina and unlimited pain-tolerance, strong willpower, strong vigor, super endurance, and tenacity.

4. Super Strength

His muscular system and bones are unbelievably strong than average human beings. He highly potential to bench press 1 ton with ease. Moreover, he can stop a bullet with easily and can cut through anything with his sword.

5. Super Healing


His regenerative powers are way beyond human beings. He can recover brutal injuries and damaged tissues in few minutes like tissues, limbs, brain cells and organs. Once he was speared through his chest which only made him slow.

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