In the DC comics universe, there have been plenty of powerful weapons and items over the years that have had a tremendous impact on the stories. We have seen weapons and powers which produce difficult challenges for our heroes. Some of these items we have already seen in past dc movies (man of steel, batman v superman and suicide squad) and some of them we are going to see in upcoming DC movies. Here is a list of such items in an order according to their effect.


The anti-life equation isn’t an object – instead, it’s a concept, a mathematical equation, which is powerful enough to allow its possessor the power to control the will of other living creatures. A Martian creation, the anti-life equation comes from Martian philosophy and is incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. Anyone who knows the equation is able to not only manipulate others but also can alter the reality.

The use of the equation in the DCEU would be a fascinating one, to say the least, as his never-ending search for it could theoretically give the Darkseid a reason to come to Earth that’s a bit more logical than the desire to take control of some random blue planet, a bland desire we’ve seen too many times before.


This tiny computer like devices are used by an army of Darkseid .these are so complex and sophisticated that they can read the minds of people and have access to huge amount of knowledge, they also can predict the future. Mother boxes also have the capability to manipulate gravity, healing wounds and can act as life support for the user.They also have the ability to open “Boom tube “ which is a teleportation inter-dimensional mechanism. We have seen the glimpse of Mother boxes in Batman v Superman when Diana prince aka Wonder Woman opens the mail attachments sent by Bruce Wayne, in which we saw victor stones transformation into the Cyborg and we also got another glimpse of mother boxes in communion scene of BvS.

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