5 Powerful Mutants Who Could Be Re-Invented in X-Men Supernova

X-Men traveler Supernova is the title for the latest X-Men film. Since there has been no specifics about what the story for the film will be, we have put together a list of five mutants who should get a second chance in telling their story in the upcoming X-Men film. The X-men world is a wide one and the movies have concentrated only a few. Here are the most:


5 Mutants That Should Get A Second Chance In X-Men Supernova

Although Cyclops was a part of the original X-men trilogy, the character was not fully used to his potential, having been overshadowed by a character called Wolverine.He was seen a straight shooter in the films, the good guy. Since a new, younger Cyclops was already introduced in Apocalypse, Supernova should explore the varied and colorful history of Cyclops. Especially the ones where he goes a bit mad and kills the entire X-Men.


Juggernaut is a character whose interesting past with Charles Xavier alone makes him a great candidate for another round in the X-men movies. Cain Marko lacked to make an impression in the first X-Men trilogy because he was used more as a war prop than a proper character. Juggernaut and Charles Xavier’s family history should make an interesting turn in the X-men canon, a welcome change from the predictable Charles/Magneto dynamic that has been the focus in all the movies.

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