5 Powerful Mutants Who Could Be Re-Invented in X-Men Supernova


Shadowcat is actually more of a developed character in the comics than she was in the movies.The character has actually become the leader of the X-Men in the comics, guiding young mutants in Xavier’s school, but that was not her fate in the movies. She was used in the underwhelming relationship with Iceman,  used to send Juggernaut crashing into walls and Wolverine into the past.


In the comics, Lucas Bishop traveler who comes back from the future(a post-apocalyptic war) to protect Professor Xavier from Cable’s clone Stryfe. Unfortunately, Bishop was not made much use of in Days Of Future Past and relegated to being just another mutant killed by the Sentinels.

The Morlocks

The Morlocks are a group of really powerful mutants that live in the underground tunnels of New York by Callisto in The Last Stand.In the comics, The group played a pivotal role with Mister Sinister who introduces the character Gambit into the comics. That was not the case in the movie, and again, they were more Magneto’s followers who sometimes showed off their powers in threatening ways than anything else in the only movie they were in.

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