7 Superheroes Who Could Be Killed in Avengers Infinity War

The characters that would definitely not die in the Avengers Infinity Wars is Antman and Wasp and of course Captain Marvel. This is so with their solo movies coming out right after the Infinity Wars. So what’s left is a list of characters that we think could be killed off with the coming of Avengers Infinity War.

Scarlett Witch and Vision

The reason we say this is because they both have the Infinity Stone Power and without this Thanos would not be able to operate the Gauntlet. With the Mind Stone on Visions forehead, it would be pretty difficult to keep Vision alive without the stone. On the other hand, we saw Scarlett Witch incline towards a darker side in the movie Captain America: Civil War, when Hawkeye tried to attack her.

With this, we can expect Thanos play some mind games with Scarlett Witch and promise her to bring back Pedro. So while Scarlett Witch turns evil we can expect Doctor Strange come in and fight against her since both have same powers.

Captain America


Though this was something that was supposed to be shown in Captain America: Civil War, but then it was decided against it. So there is a strong possibility of this happening.



This is one character that we feel has been dragged on and on for some time now, while he has been a bit of a distraction of Captain America as well. We do hope that with this Captain America gets the long awaited farewell of Bucky, where he dies in Captain’s arms.

Black Widow


Now we know there isn’t any solo movie coming up, there is no point in keeping her alive. While Marvel is already working hard on getting Captain Marvel on board. But this is a wait and watch for us.


avengers infinity war

Well, he has been pushing for a retirement and wanting to settle with his family. While his character doesn’t give a major contribution to the movie, other than appearing as a blink and go.

Iron Man

Well, fans won’t like this but this can happen. As Marvel Comics recently introduced Tony Stark’s replacement-Riri Williams, a 15-year-old prodigy, who enters MIT at 15 years of age and created her own Iron Man prototype. She has gone to replace Stark completely as Ironheart. Robert Downey Jr. has also teased about retiring from the role (but he may have been joking).

So here’s our list of potential characters that could die in Infinity War. Let us know what you think about this and which other characters you feel could potentially be killed off.

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