7 Marvel and DC Characters Who Are Merciless Killers

In comics books, there are lots of characters who have their own laws or moral codes which they never break while saving ordinary people from criminals. They work by their own law, some of them have “No Kill Rule” while some are merciless killers. There are anti-heroes who can be hired by offering them a nice amount of money, while some enjoy killing. Here is a list of some cold blooded merciless characters from both Marvel and Dc universe.

Lobo7 Most Intense Comic Books Characters Who Never Think Twice before Killing

Lobo is a DC character. He is the last of his people from Czarina because he killed them all. Czarnia is a peaceful planet which is far away from war until Lobo was born. At the time of birth of Lobo, he killed his mother by tearing her womb. Czarnian people are gifted with healing property and they cannot be killed by any means until one Czarnian kills another. Lobo created a swarm of lethal scorpion-like creatures, he set them on his people wiping out his entire species but himself. He claimed it was a science project and gave himself an ‘A’. From then he traveled many galaxies killing more people. After some time he became a bounty hunter who can kill anyone for money. He has killed 7 billion people until now.


After seeing his wife and children gunned down by the mafia in front of his eyes, the US Navy officer Frank Castle decided to get the justice by his own ways. He decided that the only punishment criminals might receive is that of physical destruction. He kills his enemies in most gruesome ways possible. He has killed 4000 people in his war against crime. He believes in execution rather than putting up a moral example.


Walter Joseph Kovacs a worker at clothing industry, who is orphan, decided to fight crime after he heard about a woman was killed in front of so many people and nobody came to rescue her. He decided cause his mother was also killed by her pimps who force fed her bottle of drona and saw her dying in agony. While solving the mystery behind a girls kidnapping he found out that the kidnapper has killed, butchered and fed her to two German shepherds. This information snapped Walters mind, He killed the dogs with a meat cleaver and waited for the kidnapper. When the kidnapper returned he chained him and set the house on fire. He works by his own, Walter claims that this is the moment he became Rorschach who tries to act like Kovacs sometimes. We have seen him in Watchmen movie. After this incident, he started thinking that his mask of Rorschach is his true face.


Deadpool is an anti-hero appearing in Marvel comics. He kills his enemy without any mercy as we have seen in his movie. His most lethal weapon is his mouth, He’ll talk nonsense until you surrender or commit suicide. He is the most carefree and badass superhero in comics’ universe. Though he is fun loving and all, he is one of the most merciless characters.


According to DC Comics, “A man is only as good as his word. But in the underground world of assassins, mercenaries, and guns for -hire, words mean little. What matters is action and follow through—completing the mission. That’s what makes you good. Never failing—even when it comes to taking down the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, some of the most powerful beings in the world—that’s what makes you the best. That’s what makes you Deathstroke.” Deathstroke made his name in the world of criminals people hire him when they want to make sure that the job will get done. He is the greatest tactician. He is undeniably a great assassin and worlds most feared man


Former Robin Jason Todd returns after being killed by Joker as Red Hood, who is a vigilante. His brutal method of handling criminals is the reason behind conflicts with his former mentor Batman. He has trained around the world like Batman. His death as Robin is still considered as the greatest failure the of Dark Knight. After returning as red hood he beats joker nearly to death. He hates batman and worked by his own way of handling criminals.


Most Intense Comic Books Characters

A serial killer named Cletus Kassidy comes in contact with a Symbiote which turns him into Carnage. After then he put up a record of killing and slaughtering people. This alien symbiote made him mentally less stable and more dangerous than he was. Unlike venom this symbiote is not vulnerable to high pitched noise and after it’s revealed that its inseparable from Kassidy’s body.

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