FB 3 Timeline Doesn’t Make Complete Sense. Secrets of Dumbledore Plot Hole Explained

A project that is both a sequel and a prequel requires fulfilling major conditions to fit into the timeline. Often these conditions might be quite difficult to be met even though we have seen major developments in the world of cinema. Major franchises often give up on being accurate with the concept of timeline and instead focus on making sure a certain narrative is followed through the movie. This year, we will see some of the biggest sequels in some of the franchises and the latest release in the Fantastic Beasts movies were among them. Even though Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is a sequel to The Crimes of Grindelwald, check out the Secrets of Dumbledore plot hole explained:

Fantastic Beasts

The very first entry in the Fantastic Beasts introduced us to the world of Harry Potter way before he was born. There were a lot of exciting characters in the movie and we also got to see a new baddie with Grindelwald. Even though the character would start having a trend of being played by a whole new actor with each of the entries in the franchise. While the movies have Newt Scamander as the lead this has changed quite a lot throughout the movies as there are other characters on whom the focus is shifted abruptly throughout the franchise. Another essential character is Jacob Kowalsky, the Muggle.


Fantastic Beasts Eddie Redmayne

The Secrets of Dumbledore sees Kowalski being brought back to Newt and Dumbledore’s team in order to help Queenie who had joined Grindelwald’s team in Crimes of Grindelwald. Newt and Kowalski met in the very first movie, but this time around when they met, Kowlaksi states that it’s been a year since they met in 1926. This actually puts the events of the movie at some point in 1927. It was previously indicated that while the first two movies were set months apart, there was considerable time between the other entries. This allows for the character of Grindelwald to grow into power until he is defeated for good.


The Timeline Plothole

Secrets of Dumbledore plot hole explained

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is supposed to be set in 1932, making it six years since the events of The Crimes of Grindelwald. The events of Crimes of Grindelwald took place around the tail end of 1927. There is a massive gap in the timeline that is created in the franchise due to this event considering each entry is supposed to have a chronological order. Even though the Harry Potter movies have a gap of a year between them, the same was not in the plans for the Fantastic Beasts movies. The movies span nearly two decades and it actually makes a lot more sense that the latest entry is set after a certain period of the previous entry.


This would actually allow for the narrative of Kowalski having lost Queenie a little deeper. We got to see that his bakery was empty and that was indicative of the fact that he didn’t put any effort into keeping it up. Another factor that would get some interesting development was the distance between Newt and Tina Goldstein. The latter was promoted to the Head Auror in the U.S. and that can only be possible if the movies have a span of years between them. If the movie is set in 1927 then there will be a considerable amount of time jump in the latter entry and it won’t make sense.


Fantastic Beasts Eddie Redmayne

There is a chance that the mention of the movie being set in 1927 was a mistake that was probably overlooked. That would also explain why Theseus never ended up mentioning Leta Lestrange anywhere throughout the movie. Kowalksi might have been confused about the timeline since he has lost Queenie and it might have had a heartbreak that he isn’t coping with very well. Even if there is a timeline plothole then the fourth entry in the franchise can clearly pave the way for a proper explanation. Fantastic Beast: The Secrets of Dumbledore is now playing in theatres worldwide.


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