10 Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found

Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found:

The home video facility has made movies a lot more enjoyable at home, allowing one to revisit some extremely popular scenes. These scenes may have been watched in the cinema, but home video allows fans to delve deeper into these scenes. Many times fans end up catching Easter eggs in these scenes and sometimes they find secrets which the producers never thought anyone would be able to find. Home video has allowed fans to delve deeper into the movies they love. With the current OTT platforms like Disney+ and Netflix, this relaxing hobby of many movie buffs has seemed to find a new level of satisfaction. Many of these secrets were not meant to be there and some have been placed intentionally.

Gaston’s Death – Beauty And The Beast

At the end of the movie, when the villainous Gaston falls to his death. His face passes the camera making his face visible to all the viewers. But, if you were to freeze the face at one frame per second. At a given point in time, you would see Gaston’s pupil showcasing a skull in both his eyes. This confirms his death, as he meets the Grim Reaper who has come to collect his soul. To ferry it across to the world of the souls.

Secret ‘Sex’ scene – Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

In the credit scenes of the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Marauders map shows two sets of strategically placed feet, which may suggest that two Hogwarts students may be fooling around in the dead of the night.

The hidden topless woman – The Rescuers

Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found
Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found

The 1977 Disney animation, The Rescuers features two frames of a topless woman visible on the window of a home. It was also included in the movie’s theatrical release and because the frames passed away so swiftly it was kind of difficult to catch it in the movie hall.

The potato asteroids – The Empire Strikes Back

During the production of the movie, the VFX team was often troubled by weird demands made by George Lucas. One such demand led the VFX team to lose their cool and disguised a potato to look like a meteor and inserted it in the movie. This secret was made know several years after the movie had become a success and was ignored by George Lucas himself.

James Gunn’s Still-Undiscovered Easter egg – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Director James Gunn had revealed to the fans that there was a top-secret Easter egg that was hidden inside the movie. But, to this date, no one has been able to reveal the hidden Easter egg. Was James Gunn just using this to market the movie or is there some hidden secret in the movie? Guess we will only know once it’s revealed.

The Disappearing Raptor – Jurassic Park

Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found
Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found

In the 1993 Jurassic Park movie, in the end when T-Rex comes in to save the people from the raptor attack. A very peculiar incidence takes place. During the attack one of the raptors in the T-Rex’s mouth kind of vanishes in this air.

That’s A Penis – An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

The 1991 animated sequel, huge craftwork was captured by a fan in 2011. The craft was the drawing of a doodle that looked like a penis next to the Fievel when she is singing the song “Dreams to Dream”.

Jessica Rabbit’s Crotch – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This is another naughty attempt by animators to slip past an offensive frame past the censor’s committee. We are shown 3 whole frames to what looks like Jessica Rabbit’s undergarments.

Mickey Mouse Ears – Aladdin

Disney animators while making the animation of Aladdin, inserted mickey’s iconic ears and face into some frames. In the animated movie when Raja is turning back to his former majestic self. The viewers are treated to Mickey’s iconic face on top of Raja’s face, in addition to the iconic ears.

Recycled Backgrounds – Transformers: The Movie

Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found
Movie Mysteries Never Meant To Be Found

In an attempt to lower down cost many production houses recycle animated scenes. Embarrassingly it happens a lot more often now than ever before. In the 1986 transformers animated movie, Toei animation recycled a particular animation that was already used by the same animation house in a previous release. The sequence is about when Unicorn devours the planet Lithone is the same sequence from the First of the North Star.

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