8 Best Changes The Harry Potter Films Made From The Books

When it comes to adapting the written word for the big screen, filmmakers have to make some tough choices. This includes leaving a lot of plot points and episodes out. And at times, they must put their own creativity to the test and change some major details. The Harry Potter books have been adapted into a mega-successful film franchise. And while there are some changes in the Harry Potter films that were not welcomed by the fans, some were highly appreciated. Here are the 8 best changes in Harry Potter films made.

Hedwig’s demise in Harry Potter

Changes in Harry Potter Films

During the battle of the seven Potters, Harry ends up losing his loyal companion Hedwig. The book shows that Hedwig is killed in its cage while it is on Hagrid’s motorcycle. However, the film does a better job at depicting this as Hedwig sacrifices his life for Harry. It makes the death even more heartbreaking.


Lupin and Harry on the Bridge

In ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’, Lupin and Harry share an extremely important moment on the bridge. This scene is crucial because Harry finds out more about his parents and realizes how he is truly like them. In the book, Harry simply visits Lupin in his office and they have a conversation that is a bit less impactful.


Slughorn’s Pet Fish Francis

In ‘The Half-Blood Prince’, Harry takes liquid luck to convince Slughorn to pass on the original memory. In the film, they add a little excerpt where Slughorn tells Harry about a goldfish he once had called Francis. He also reveals that the fish was gifted to him by Harry’s mother and it died the night Harry’s parents were murdered. This whole scene was written just for the film and is a beautiful addition to the narrative.


Harry and Buckbeak

You must remember the iconic moment from the third film where Harry rides Buckbeak for the first time. It might surprise you that this scene was purely the director’s vision and is not from the book. In the book, Hagrid brings multiple Hippogriffs to his Care of Magical Creatures class and most students get to ride Hippogriffs. However, the film focuses on Harry meeting Buckbeak for the first time and forming a connection that is much more memorable.


Helena Ravenclaw’s Clue

In the last film, Harry confronts Helena Ravenclaw and asks the whereabouts of the lost diadem. This scene is quite different in the book as Helena goes on to narrate the story of how and why she stole the diadem from her mother. To save time, the screenplay writers couldn’t add the entire story and so they simply added a riddle that worked perfectly.


Harry Confronting Snape in Deathly Hallows

In Deathly Hallows Part 2, Harry has a confrontation with Snape in the Great Hall where he yells at him for trying to take Dumbledore’s place. This scene was simply genius and rested on the shoulders of the actors. This scene was added by the movie writers and wasn’t a part of the book. According to the book, Harry only sees Snape from under the invisibility cloak. Hence, we can say that this was a great addition by the writers!


Neville Finding the Prophecy

The fifth film skips over the part where the prophecy reveals that Neville could also be the chosen one. Instead, they give a subtle hint to this detail by making Neville find the prophecy. A few minutes later, Lucius reveals that the prophecies can only be retrieved by the ones who they are about. This was a clever way to suggest that Neville and Harry’s fates were intertwined and Neville too had a critical role in the future.


Luna and the Thestrals

One character that the films really understood is Luna Lovegood. In ‘Order of the Phoenix, we meet Luna when Harry notices the thestrals for the first time. Luna later tells Harry about them and we see that she has a bond with the creatures. In the book, thestrals are simply introduced by Hagrid in his class which isn’t very special.  However, the film connects her to the creatures in a way that makes her extremely memorable and was an excellent way to introduce her character.


Which were the changes in the Harry Potter Films that you appreciated the most? Let us know below using the comments.

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