5 Awesome Features of Superior Spider-Man Suit You Probably Don’t Know About

3. Metallic plating

Spider ManThis time Octavius was concerned about the mind-swapping, so he covered the back of Spidey’s mask with a metal covering of carbonadium. The covering is so strong that no one can swap minds with Spider-Man.

4. Talons

Do spiders have talons? This was one of the strangest and off-themed installment Octavius did to Spidey’s suit. He incorporated sharp talon his feet and hands which he uses in a hand-to-hand fight with his adversaries. Moreover, the talons can be used to plant spider tracers with a GPS in the body.

5. Spider button

Superior Spider-Man Suit
superior spider-man

Octavius made the Spider symbol into a button which can be used to plant traps for his rogues. And to activate the traps just press down and the traps are ready. This is just WOW!

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