5 Most Shocking Things That Could Kill Superman

Although Superman is an entity that many consider indestructible, he has shown that he has certain weaknesses which his opponents and enemies have used to their advantage. Sometimes that also leads to death for the Man of Steel. Here are 5 shocking things that could kill Superman:


Gog has killed Superman more than once. The being had gotten his powers from the Quintessence after being let down by the Man of Steel. Gog killed the hero out of spite and time looped it over and over again to relish in his hatred.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Princess turned superhero has proven herself to be a worthy opponent to Superman, even exceeding him sometimes in fights that have threatened to destroy him. When Superman’s mind was controlled by Maxwell Lord, Wonder Woman used her Bracelets of Submission to explode his eardrums and her tiara to slice his jugular, and this was her holding back.


Superman’s most famous weakness is well-known for a reason. Not only can it strip the superhero of his powers, the radioactive rock leaves Superman defenseless from his enemies. Enough exposure to the green stone and Superman is done for. Kryptonite also comes in varied types, all threatening for the hero.


While Superman is close to invincible in almost everything, he cannot detract from magic.The character Shazam aka Captain Marvel has used magic on the superhero that has left him vulnerable to counter attacks he would normally sustain without hesitation.

Mind Control


Superman has proved time and time again that he may be a Man Of Steel, a brute strength that is near indestructible to Earth’s defenses( It’s the reason why Batman has a backup supply of Kryptonite even though they are in Justice League)but his mind is vulnerable to being controlled. Characters like Martian Manhunter who are telepathic can control the hero to his own destruction.

Did You Know?

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