Avengers Infinity War is said to be the biggest superhero spectacle that will feature tons and tons of Marvel superheroes. But with that many heroes on screen, is it possible to focus on certain characters plotlines and ignoring others. As new additions are made (Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man), 15 years old should Marvel finally throw in the towel for the older, no the oldest hero in the roster Iron Man?

Iron Man has been in every other movie Marvel has made so far, and it seems like his pivotal part will soon be replaced by other more popular characters. His demise would definitely create new aspects to explore in MCU. For instance,

Riri Williams aka Iron Heart Could Enter MCU:

Marvel Comics recently introduced Tony Stark’s replacement-Riri Williams, a 15-year-old prodigy, who enters MIT at 15 years of age and created her own Iron Man prototype. She has gone to replace Stark completely as Ironheart. Iron Man has already been with Marvel Cinematic Universe for three Phases, it may be time to see new blood take on new adventures. Downey Jr has already talked about maybe retiring from the role(but he may have been joking).The introduction of the character may be the change MCU needs for the future.

 Marvel Could Have A New Avengers team:

Since the comic Infinity War showed a whole lot deaths happening, it’s a possibility that the same would happen in the movie. The comics has shown different types of Avengers teams. With the introduction of Spider-Man, the New Avengers could be a possibility(Spidey was the leader of New Avengers). And since Tony Stark is already a mentor to Peter Parker, Marvel seems to be planting seeds for a new possibility.

Iron Man 4 May Be Key To Iron Man’s Future:

avengers infinity war iron man

Iron Man 4 has become a folklore at this point, as the film has only been talked about but there has not been any leads of when it would happen. It doesn’t help that Robert Downey has been giving statements that have been quizzical to say the least. Sometimes he talks about it being a possibility and sometimes just stating he is thinking of retiring soon. Would it happen? Or Marvel has just ran out of possibilities for Iron Man.