4 Hidden Powers of Comic-Book Characters That Only Greatest Fans Know

Most of the superhero superpowers are fairly unknown, Spider-Man sticks to walls, Professor X has telepathy and Batman has infinitely deep pockets. You have seen some major powers like Deadpool’s quick healing, The Flash’s super-speed and Superman’s ability to flying. But you might not be aware of some hidden powers that you have missed to notice. We bring you four hidden powers that you did not know about these comic characters.

1) Wolverine’s Bone Claws


Fans have seen his metal claws, but yo might know that he also had bone claws. It is the recent addition to the comic book. At one point of comics, it finally daunts on Magneto as he is the master of magnetism and Logan’s skeleton is laced with metal. He ripped the Adamantium out of Wolverine’s body. Without any claws until he noticed his healing factor, which regrew the claws.

2) Joker’s Super Sanity


Joker’s Super Sanity has not been known. In one of the comics, he was proposed as super sane. As the Joker is clearly not insane something that comic books make very clear, he was considered so sane that it impossible for us to conceive it. For Joker, the world looks a bit crazy.

3) Superman’s Telepathy


Superman had telepathy power. His inexplicable ability to fly is not the only power he has, he used the power of telepathy on himself while flying. He had a couple of their powers like telescopic vision, shape-shifting powers, and even self-duplication powers.

4) Squirrel Girl


First introduced in Marvel’s Superheros Vol. 2, Squirrel Girl’s existence came with a bunch of powers of many. The official babysitter of the Luke Cage, Squirrel Girl’s power are obvious. She has a long tail, buck teeth allowing her to bite well and climbing ability. She is a better character we believed it first. Moreover, she has the ability to command an army of squirrels.

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