10 Celebrities Who Did Extreme Things For Their Careers

We all follow the celebrities and sometimes even worship them. They always look and sound so perfect and it makes us fascinated. Well, we should not forget the fact that celebrities are humans too and have imperfections just like any of us. A lot of celebrities have done some messed up and shady things at different points of their careers but it doesn’t make us love them any less. Let us take a look at some of these celebs:

10. Kylie Jenner:

This one is not a shocker at all as most of us know about it. So Kylie Jenner made a career out of her own insecurity. She was insecure about the size of her lips since she was young and so she got her lips injected and made them plump. She initially denied having done any such thing but then accepted. She got so much attention for her lips that she made her own cosmetic company and is now earning millions!

9. Dwayne Johnson:


Most of us love the Rock because of his amazing body and charming personality. He has achieved a great amount of success in all aspects of his career but his great physique is the thing he is most famous for. Well Dwayne Johnson got liposuction done for his chest area because he was insecure about it. He said his career demanded him to be shirtless on numerous platforms which are why he felt he needed something done to look great.

8. Ashton Kutcher:

Kutcher went on a strict diet of eating only fruits for his role as Steve Jobs. He tried very hard to mentally and physically embody the character he was playing and spent months acting, reacting and walking like Jobs. He even followed the intellectuals Jobs admired and listened to the same music and wore the kind of footwear Jobs used to wear.

7. Michelle Williams:

The stakes were high when Michelle was about to play the character of the loved icon Marilyn Monroe. She did many vocal practices to sound like Marilyn and worked very hard to look as much like the legend as was possible. To copy Marilyn’s walk, however, Michelle used to tie a belt around her knees and walk! The dedication definitely paid off!

6. Kim Kardashian:

Another celeb known for her great looks is Kim K and she has done pretty weird stuff on TV. In an episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, she went to a spa to get a vampire facial! She basically got a facial using her own blood on her face. The doctor used tiny needles to inject her own blood in her face to make her face look rejuvenated…*gross*.

5. Simon Cowell:

Simon is a regular on many reality shows which are why he tries hard to constantly look good on screen. He has had multiple Botox surgeries, takes vitamin injections regularly and spends 90 minutes in a detox machine. He even had a facial once made of sheep’s placenta! (So Kim K is not the only crazy person people!)

4. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams:

So this one is kinda sweet. While filming the movie ‘Blue Valentine’, which is a film about a married couple whose relationship falls apart, the director told Gosling and Williams to get to know each other. They actually moved in a house for 3 months with their on screen daughter and lived like a family. They even celebrated a fake Christmas and birthdays to feel close and claimed that it actually helped them for shooting the movie as they really bonded like a family.

3. Johnny Depp:

The actor is known for his creative roles and characters and he takes his job seriously. For his role in ‘Fear and loathing in Las Vegas,’ he decided he must spend time with the author of the book so he moved into his basement! It was a tiny place with spiders and cockroaches and he had to sleep on the couch. Johnny did this for months and adapted to his new lifestyle to understand the character better.

2. Leonardo Di Caprio:

For his movie ‘the Revenant’ Leo went through a lot of things and worked extremely hard. He put his body through extreme physical and emotional turmoil as he actually spent days in the wilderness and almost got Hypothermia from the cold weather. One of the extreme things he did was to sleep inside an animal carcass! Leo really takes his films seriously and we are glad it all paid off.

 1. Shia Labeouf:

For his role in the film ‘Fury’, Shia actually joined the military and lived on an actual military base for a month. He even skipped showering for 4 months!! He even pulled out one of his own teeth. Now that is some serious dedication and passion for a movie role. Call him crazy but this shows he believes in method acting.

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