Deadpool 2: 5 Things You Should Know About The Merc’s New Teammate Domino

In the world of mercenary killers, Deadpool had some hardcore associates and friends that defied the norm. Domino, one of Deadpool’s oldest friends has been of a lot of adventures with the hero and it looks like she will be heading for the big screen too. Before that happens, here are 5 things you may need to know about Deadpool’s X-Force teammate:

Domino Debuts With Deadpool But There’s A Twist:

Deadpool 2: 5 Things You Should Know About The Merc’s New Teammate Domino

Domino debuted in the same issue of Deadpool in New Mutants #98.Domino was the mysterious woman who knocked out Deadpool when the Merc was kicking Cable and the New Mutants collective asses. She officially debuted in X-Force #8 when it was revealed that Shadowcat had been imitating her, and the hero finally made a proper introduction to readers.

Her Origins:

Domino was part of a program called Project: Armageddon which created genetically enhanced super soldier just in case the world suffered any worldwide devastation. The project flopped and many of the test subjects died, Domino not being one of them. Her face mark is a type of tag that scientists had used to distinguish their experiments.

Domino’s Powers And Abilities:

Domino has a very special kind of telekinetic power which allows her to have good luck all the time. She makes things happen (subconsciously and physically) so that things work in her favor. She is also pretty fluent in languages and is an accomplished markswoman with various firearms, highly skilled athlete, excellent swimmer, and adept in the use of explosives.

Domino Dated Cable:

From the first introduction, Domino was involved with Cable. Like we mentioned before, the imposter had started a relationship with Cable while the real Domino considered the guy as just a friend. But as the characters preceded to work together (after the fake Domino was found out) the duo started to really develop feelings for each other.They dated until Domino has captured during Operation: Zero Tolerance. By the time she was freed, Cable had already moved on.

Domino Was In 3 X-Force Teams:

Out of all the X-Force members, Domino may have been the most consistent member. She was a team leader in the first team but left for various reasons. When Cyclops reformed the team, Domino was again a part of the new superteam of mercenaries and stayed on with the X-Men when they disbanded. She joined a third X-Force team with Colossus and Cable but was not part of the merged team with Psylocke.

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