Spider-Man Gets A Surprising Tony Stark Make-Over In Homecoming

Audiences have witnessed the different costume changes of Spider-Man with every new film. With Toby McGuire’s  Spider-Man, we were introduced to a suit with spider-like suckers. Andrew Garfield’s suit had eyes that were reminiscent of the classic suit. So how will Tom Holland’s suit be different from the others? In Captain America: Civil War, the Spidey suit featured eyes that could move and change expressions and it seems like Tony Stark has already upgraded the Spider-man suit for Homecoming.


Attendees to Spider-Man: Homecoming panel at CCPX, a comic convention in Brazil were lucky enough to see the first footage of the much-anticipated film. Ryan Penagos from Marvel was one of the attendees and updated his Twitter followers about what he saw. Penagos wrote that Spider-man’s suit was harking back to the early comics with webs underneath his arms.


Spider-Man’s wings were a part of his costume when he made his debut in 1962. The wings allowed the hero to sail through the air when he was not swinging from building to building. They were first drawn by Steve Ditko but were abandoned soon enough when another artist took over. That did not eliminate the wings altogether, as they made a comeback time to time, depending on whom the artist was. The webbed slinger has remained pitless in the movies that have been made so far, so this new change would technically be its debut.


And it seems quite fitting, given that Homecoming will be Spider-Man’s first film with Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems like the team behind the hero are paying more of a homage to Steve Ditko, the first artist behind Spidey. Civil War had also featured a classic Ditko costume piece- smaller white with bolder black outline as well as the spider symbols on his back and front.

spider-man-doctor-octopus-cover Tony Stark

Spider-Man’s comeback to Marvel has been a long awaited one, given that the hero’s franchise rights belong to Sony. The cross-over is a historical one and it may be the start of many other ones. Fans have already been positive with Tom Holland’s first appearance in Civil War, so Homecoming will definitely be a hit for both Sony and Marvel Studios.

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