5 Most Paused Movie Moments of 2016

Regardless of the amount, you pride yourself on seeing things in movies, some of the time it isn’t conceivable to completely value a movie minute with your eyes alone. It’s turning into an expanding coin in film-production for executives to conceal mystery subtle elements that are intended to compensate the viewer who unendingly pours over movies outline by the casing. Check out the 5 most paused moments in the movies:

The Arrested Development Stair Chair – Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War had an adequate honor to Arrested Development at its best. So, basically during the climactic airport clash, the film-makers secreted the iconic Stair Chair vehicle somewhere in the background. This suggestion actually sent thousands of MCU fans to the pause button (for obvious reasons).

 Wonder Woman’s Photo – Batman V Superman

As Batman vs. Superman reveals that Wonder Woman is essentially an old lady having been functioning in the First World War. We definitely got a weird in-movie teaser for the next movie. This was definitely a great moment to pause.

 Eye-Popping – The Greasy Strangler

The Greasy Strangler is the type of movie that is so mysterious and so challengingly bloody strange that you might be compelled to pause it numerous times either to relish the parody or to simply gather your opinions and recuperate momentarily.

 Darla’s Cameo – Finding Dory

This movie also had one of the best concealed Easter Eggs in any Pixar movie. One could only appreciate it if one has the massive power of the pause button. So, if you would use this power you would see a picture of Darla, the animal-killing secondary antagonist (Finding Nemo).

 Doctor Strange Dies… A LOT

 5 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2016

At the conclusion of the brilliant Doctor Strange debut, Benedict CumberbatchartificesDormammu into a deal to leave Earth by tricking him in an everlasting time-loop. So what if Dormammu himself is not a brilliant character, the sequence is definitely great – predominantly when the demon acts out and slaughters Strange numerous times. It definitely deserves an appraisal and that too in a slow motion.

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