Here’s a New Side of The Joker That’s Hard To Miss

In the history of DC, there would be none like The Joker. Batman has seen his fair share of criminal masterminds during his long tenure as the greatest detective in all of DC, but The joker is that one villain that seems to never leave him. The Batman movies have also seen a few depictions of the famous villain. From Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger, the different aspects of The Joker have been explored. Jared Leto is the latest actor to have a coveted place in the Joker crew after his portrayal of the villain in Suicide Squad.


The actor famously went a bit Method with his Role. Not only did he stay in character in between takes, he also made his co-stars lives a bit of a living hell, much like The Joker would have. And it was not just his actions that mirrored the psychotic nature. In Suicide Squad, audiences got to see a new side of the supervillain that they may have never seen before.


The third DCEU film had heavily relied on Leto’s Joker in its promotions and that was what many fans went to theaters to see. The new Joker’s look was unlike anything that had been portrayed on screen. The Suicide Squad’s joker was heavily tattooed with a penchant for leather-a memorable look that was replicated by fans after the film’s release. But it seems like there were other looks that audiences never got to see.


Suicide Squad’s costume designer Tina Charad recently revealed the alternate costume and designs for Leto’s Role. The alternate looks showcased a different set of tattoo designs that covered the upper half of his body. Charad also posted alternate suits that were more reminiscent of a classic Joker look bright purple being a prominent mainstay. Although the alternate looks may satisfy fan’s curiosities, it seems like the Suicide Squad team made the right decision with the look they executed, as it was indeed a memorable one.

Amy Fanai

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