Did The Joker And Harley Quinn Have A Baby In Suicide Squad?

In DCEU’s Suicide Squad, we were introduced to Harley Quinn and her lover, The Joker. In the film, their relationship was a twisted one full of manipulation and abuse which was showcased in Harley Quinn’s flashbacks. But was there more to the relationship than audiences were led to believe? Did DC’s most twisted couple already have a child in their mix?


In the comic Injustice: Gods Among us, Harley Quinn confesses to Black Canary that she has a daughter with Mr.J. Quinn said she hid this from The Joker for obvious reasons-Like him being an unfit parent  and not caring enough for anyone in general, Harley included. Suicide Squad seemed to indicate that the film followed a bit of this little confession.


In a scene that sees The Joker lying in a room surrounded by guns and knives of every shape and size, the camera zooms out for a long-shot of the entire room and what is in the corner of the room? A row of baby clothes, quite the unlikely articles of clothing to see in such a violent ridden room. This could also be just another Easter Egg for fans, but as no theory has yet to be legitimized for the baby clothes, this theory seems true enough.


Fast forward to the big battle between Enchantress and the other members of The Suicide Squad, Harley, under the manipulation of Enchantress fantasizes a scene where The Joker and she are a “normal” married couple with two children. She imagines herself as a housewife named Harley Ker with her husband, Jo Ker. When she snaps out of this dream, she is not surprised by the children but by the fact that they got married.

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Another hint that the film gives of a child existing is the writing scribbled on Quinn’s “Good Night” baseball bat. In the special features for the extended cut,the scribbles can be seen for fans to see. And judging from the lullaby, it seems like a legitimate reason unless she wrote it for her “Puddin.”


Hush little baby don’t say a word. Mama’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world. And if the world should wonder why, mama’s gonna make it cry and cry. All the weirdos and freaks won’t wonder why, Mama’s gonna make ’em cry and cry. Laugh and laugh I mean tears of laughter. Oh my God. You’re so funny. You’re killing me! Laughter and lies and Puddin’ and pie.

Lay a finger in me ’cause everyone knows who’s my baby. Hahahaha! Hey baby, want me to teach these losers a lesson? Eat your heart out. Hush little baby don’t say a word. Mama’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world”

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