5 Times Bruce Banner Was Cured of Being The Incredible Hulk

The movie of The Incredible Hulk has yet to find a cure for his radiation problem, but the comics have long shown Bruce Banner curing himself of The Hulk. Here are the top five instances where this happened:

Banner and Hulk Split, Part Two

The most out there story of separation was seen in Incredible Hulk #5. He made a deal with Doctor Doom to separate the Hulk and Bruce Banner’s mind. Banner’s mind was placed in a clone body, and as part of their deal, Bruce became a slave to the Doctor. Banner escaped and became unhinged. In 2012’s Incredible Hulk #1, the duo fought each other until a gamma bomb re-emerged the two. The two ultimately came to a truce and agreed to work together, balancing each other out.

Because Of The Red Hulk

In World War Hulk #5, He returned to Earth seeking revenge on the planet for killing his queen. He was captured by The Avengers after they managed to knock him out. Bruce Banner returned but was held in the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D. Red one broke Banner out of capture in Incredible Hulk #600. He absorbs all of the gamma radiation from Banner, leaving him unable to turn again.

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