5 Amazing Transformers Stories That Every Fan Should Check Out

Transformers is one exceptional franchise which was formed specially to increase the sales of toy line of Transformers. And gradually the toys hit big screens, featured in TV shows, video games and cartoons, which is a great step in the marketing. You introduce a toy line and then you spread the word cinematically. Perfect! They follow a mystical mythology, war philosophy, and ambiguities that are similar to a movie like Star Wars. Today, we will give a ride of five of the top Transformers storylines that you should not miss.

1. The Five Faces Of Darkness

It is a five-part outing of the third season of an animated series Generation 1. The story is one of the best-produced films which focuses on establishes a great story around new villains, the inception of Transformers journey and some other new characters. This wide-ranging adventures will introduce you to the history of Them.

2. The War Within

Set in the G1 Dreamwave continuity, The War Within is a six-part miniseries which will take you back to the old days of the Autobot/Decepticon war. It also portrays the promotion of Optimus Prime as the leader of Autobots. The story will introduce you to the era of Great War with more references and flashbacks.

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