Logan: What Is Wolverine Running From?

2016 is near its end, and although the year has given some great movies, it has disappointed a whole lot. One of the disappointments was X-Men: Apocalypse which was supposed to be the end of the soft reboot trilogy but ended up being a dud to end all hope. 2016’s Logan has become the beacon of hope for X-men fans that the franchise is not a barrel of disappointments.

Logan: What Is Wolverine Running From?

Logan, the third Wolverine film is being held as a special film for fans as it is Hugh Jackman’s farewell to the role that made him a superstar. The movie is said to be the first of its kind in the superhero genre and early reviewers have already raved about the unique aspect of the film.The movie has been said to have a futuristic western tone to it, along with Jackman’s portrayal of a defeated hero.

Jackman made a bit of controversy when he took on the role, mainly because he was too good looking to play Wolverine.Fans had been livid to find their beloved loner of a hero was being changed by Hollywood, but thankfully Jackman proved his worth to fans. Even the comic world took note of the positive reception he was getting and changed the physical appearance of the hero to one that reflected the actor’s looks.

Hugh Jackman posted a picture of Wolverine recently that showed the hero looking worse for wear near a gas station. Logan is ragged and looks worn out as he can barely stand on his own two feet and has to hold onto a car for balance. Jackman just credits the photographer James Mangold for the picture, although this may be the first colored picture that has been posted from the film.

The trailer showed Logan running away from with Professor Xavier and the little girl Laura who has been confirmed to be X-23.So is the new photo a link into where the trio is headed towards.The movie synopsis depicted the future 2024 to be in dire of mutants and the government abducting mutant children for their own use. A storyline that can also be seen in the movie’s trailer. Will Wolverine take a stance?These are questions we can only ask.

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