Logan: Caliban Shows He Is A Major BAD-ASS

The upcoming Fox feature, Logan may be the most anticipated movie of the year. The promotions of the film have shown the different sides to Wolverine that fans have yet to see, and they have also been a good way to introduce the bad ass new character X-23 to X-Men fans. The film is set in the dystopian future, with Wolverine and Professor X being on the run from the Reavers.

What the trailers have failed to show is the character of Caliban, a mutant who is said to be care-taker to the debilitated Professor X in the upcoming movie. A new image of the character has been released which show Caliban to be more than just a caregiver. The picture shows Caliban in a moody black and white picture that may be reminiscent of an old western movie. The character is also dressed in cowboy boots and a hat that reminds you of Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Caliban, in the comics, is a mutant who has the ability to track and trace mutants from a far off distance. This ability also includes indicating if they are friend or foe, which will be a significant ability to have since Logan and his small group are on the run, presumably to protect the young mutant X-23.

The new Logan movie will showcase Wolverine and the world of mutants in a world movie audiences have never seen before. The movie is set in a dystopian setting which sees mutant being nearly extinct by the Government, who also has a program that kidnaps young mutants and trains them into super mercenary soldiers. Donald Pierce and his Reavers, based on the trailer seem to be working for the government and tracking these mutants. Pierce has been depicted as being an advocate to mutant extinction.

Amy Fanai

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