New Constantine Movie in Works. Is Keanu Reeves Returning?

New Constantine Movie:

WB’s plans aren’t just locked on for DCEU. Instead, they are now looking to expand a unique Multiverse that combines all of their film & TV Universes. We recently got a news update for a solo Zatanna movie that will be happening besides JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark series on HBO Max. While it was stated that the Zatanna movie might not be related to Abrams’ Justice League Dark series, a new update about John Constantine might suggest that it would certainly be related.

Yes, after Zatanna,  Murphy’s Multiverse reports that WB is actually looking to build upon JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark Universe because a JJ Abrams produced Constantine movie also seems to be coming at us. With Constantine, the first name that used to come to our minds was of Matt Ryan, who has played the character on the Constantine TV show, in the Arrowverse and in the DCAMU. But when you talk about the return of Constantine on the big screen, the name that you think of is none other than Keanu Reeves.

The Observer’s Brandon Kat wrote the following in his latest tweet after taking a look at the new Constantine movie update:

“Have heard some whispers about this. If Keanu Reeves returns, that’ll give him yet another iconic character to extend his mainstream popularity. Every decade, this dude rolls out another buzzy title to reignite the public’s love. What a movie star.”

Rumors and talks of Keanu Reeves’ return as Constantine have been going on from the past year. We haven’t heard an official word about it, but we’ve certainly heard that both WB and Marvel have been wanting him to side with them. It’d be huge if Reeves returns to play Constantine in a JJ Abrams-produced movie because then he won’t be signing up for just one movie. He’d be signing up for a multiple appearance deal where he’d play Constantine in the Justice League Dark TV show on HBO Max, the Zatanna movie, and in any other crossover event.

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Reeves’ return is obviously not confirmed yet. If he does return, then it’d be interesting to see whether his previous film will be canon or not. Because it was a film that didn’t do well with the critics or at the Box Office, we reckon that WB would want to stay away from it. And besides, JJ Abrams would want to do his own thing with his Justice League Dark series and any film set in that same Universe.

DC is expanding a Multiverse, so they would probably make us believe that Reeves’ previous Constantine appearance was set on a different Earth of the DC Multiverse. But, if the Constantine on Justice League Dark series and the upcoming solo film are going to be the same, then we believe that Reeves might not be returning because he has got his hands full right now with The Matrix 4, John Wick 4 and Netflix’s Past Midnight. The Justice League Dark series might arrive in late 2021 or early 2022. So, Reeves cannot appear in it because his schedule won’t allow it.

But, if the Constantine movie is different from the continuity of Justice League Dark, then it is a different story. Because DC is making their Multiverse bigger, we reckon that they might actually move forward with having 2 Constantine’s and 2 Zatannas. After all, they are also developing a Justice League: Rebirth movie with the DCEU Justice League already being in play.

Upon thinking about it, I’d say that the Zatanna and the Constantine movies which are being reported are actually the same. Like WandaVision, these are two characters who’d hold much more strength if they are brought to the screen together and not in a solo act. But then again, if WB wishes to make two separate films with Constantine and Zatanna, then it’s good for them (and us). Let’s just hope that this movie won’t turn out to be a no go like the several DC projects that WB has announced and cancelled in the past few years.

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