Will X-Men Franchise Follow The Spider-Man’s Footsteps?

Captain America: Civil War was not only a blockbuster for Marvel studios, it marked an achievement that no another studio was able to accomplish. Civil War featured Marvel hero Spider-man, a figure that loomed bright in the Marvel Comic world but was having a bit of a problem in the movie world. Spider-Man was also owned by Sony studios, and if movie history has shown time and time again, was a property unreachable by other studios especially Marvel. The Studio, however, showed itself to be atypical and did the impossible- garnered a crossover between two studios that was beneficial to both entities and to its core audience.

Will X-Men Be Following Spider-Man Footsteps?

The positive reaction from fans seemed to garner new buzz about the possibility for other crossovers, especially with Fox studios which own prime Marvel characters in their roster. Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige was asked if the possibility could become a reality in his interview with Variety. Feige seemed more somber with his answer that was expected. Feige said:

“It’s an impossibility at this juncture. We certainly have enough films to keep us busy for a number of lifetimes.”


Feige’s answer may be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to a future crossover. Marvel has proved itself to be a profitable franchise even without the X-Men or Fantastic Four being on its roster. Although both franchises have been a big part of the Marvel Comic Universe, MCU has proved that it has enough characters within its dozens of cosmography that could entertain its audience. Two examples being the recently released Doctor Strange and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Movie audiences have reacted enthusiastically to these new characters, even though they are not the most well known in the Marvel world. Marvel has also been juggling a lot of heroes from their introduction/solo films and the subsequent sequels.


As for Fox, the studio was the first to launch a successful franchise into the movie market. X-Men may not be performing as well as the studio has expected, but its other releases Wolverine and Deadpool have been good luck for Fox as they have a loyal built-in audience to these characters. Feige may be shutting down possibilities as of now but never say never, as impossibilities can become realities when there are willing participants.

Amy Fanai

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