The Flash: 10 Villains That He Has Fought

The Flash featuring Grant Gustin in the title part and additionally modify the sense of self Barry Allen, from out of the entryway the series grasped its comic book roots, conveying overwhelming experiences loaded with metahumans. The vast majority of whom, much the same as Barry, were changed from ordinary people into something very uncommon because of a detonating molecule.

What takes after is a manual for ten villains that The Flash has gone up against throughout the show.



Voiced by Tobin Bell, this character, nicknamed Dr.Alchemy by Cisco Ramon, is a multi-fueled meta-human expectation on setting up the world for… something. To do as such, he is transforming individuals who were meta-people in the Flashpoint course of events back to their upgraded selves. Initially showed up vocally in “Flashpoint” and physically in “Mystery” (season three).

Atom Smasher


Played by Adam Copeland, an Earth-2 character who is invested with mind-blowing quality and the capacity to develop in size. He showed up in “The Man Who Saved Central City” (season two).

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