7 Best Game of Thrones Moments Ever

Game of Thrones has given all of us the hell lot of moments to cherish. And it’s a difficult task to bring it down to 7. Take a look at these 7 best game of thrones moments

1. Jon Snow Lives: Season 6


We saw Jon Snow bleeding out after the Mutiny at Castle Black. So, the question was will Jon Snow live? The agreement was that he had died. We have been looking for clues all this while.

So, when season 6 finally arrived, Jon Snow was dead. After Edd and the wildlings came back to save Davos, and the others devoted to Jon, from Thorne, Melisandre tries to resuscitate the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Initially, she appeared to be ineffective, but right before the episode ends, Jon wheezes for air as the screen goes black. He then reunited with Edd and Tormund.

2. King In The North: Season 6


So, this was another influential speech by Lady Mormont.  Jon Snow had the backing of the northern houses, the Free Folk, and his sister, Sansa. Now, the big question is how will Lord Baelish deal with Jon being professed King in the North? Little finger made his plans vibrant. His every move is to protect the Iron Throne, with Sansa by his side. Having a new King in the North is a hindrance he cannot be glad about. As of now, Jon Snow is the King in the North, long may he rule.

3. Battle of the Bastards: Season 6


In spite of being outstripped, and not getting fortifications from the Blackfish, Jon Snow chooses that the time is more right than wrong to go to fight with Ramsay Bolton. The night prior to the fight, Jon consents to parlay with Ramsay, and Ramsay offers terms of submission. Jon has different plans and offers Ramsay an opportunity to spare his men’s lives by doing combating one on one. Ramsay, obviously, denies.

The battle itself was ferocious. After Ramsay mocks Rickon with freedom, he kills him with an arrow right in front of a charging Jon Snow. Full of fury, Jon attacks his own to the Bolton army. Soon the battle commences and it was hell bloody. While Jon fought intrepidly with his men, Ramsay was merely watching from the distance.

It was eventually revealed that the Knights of the Vale save the day. This definitely brought a smile on our face.

4. The Red Wedding: Season 3


It started with a music prompt, the most unpropitious opening notes this side of John Williams’ Jaws theme. The minute that the wedding band started playing the Lannister song of devotion “The Rains of Castamere,” both Lady Catelyn Stark and we at home knew something wasn’t right. We simply had no clue how wrong it could get.

What took after immediately entered the pop-social pantheon of stunning TV, putting the expression “the Red Wedding” straight up there with “Who shot J.R.?” Deceived by Walder Frey and his accomplice in crime Roose Bolton, the Starks were mercilessly butchered: King Robb shot numerous times and cut in the heart; his pregnant Queen Talisa and their unborn kid cut to death; and his mom Catelyn did in by an opening throat, giving way to the floor to end both the scene and all trust of Stark triumph.

5. The Death of Ned Stark : Season 1


So, finally, they substantiated it, once and for all. Played by Sean Bean, who is supposedly the cast’s best-known actor, Ned Stark was the unquestionable, top-billed hero of the show and its source novel, the face on all the posters, the valiant figure standing for veracity and justice against an unjust new administration. When King Joffrey’s assassin dropped the ax on Ned’s neck, he dazed the world, both on and off screen. No other moment is as accountable for the cultural sensation that the novels and the show have eventually become.

6. Mother of Dragons: Season 1


Just think about the image that both Game of Thrones and its namesake novel ended with: A nude young woman who emerged from the remnants of her husband’s funeral furnace, her body swarming with newly hatched dragons. This legendary site marked a major turning point in the life of Daenerys Targaryen, her cohorts, their society –and in fact for all of us. It was a core injection of capital-f Fantasy, fantastic beasts and all. The callously realistic world of Westeros and its neighbors just got way more mystic. And got her the name, the Mother of Dragons.

7. The Mountain and the Viper: Season 4

game of thrones moments

Played with boastfulness and style by Narcos’ Pedro Pascal, Prince Oberyn Martell was the breakout star of the show’s fourth season. Horny, amusing, and lethal in equal degree. The Red Viper had come to King’s Landing to pursue reprisal against House Lannister and its chief assailant for their role in the demise of his family back in the day. There’s just one delinquent: Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, portrayed by world-class strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, is the largest, creepiest, harshest creep in the Seven Kingdoms. So, just when it appeared the prince had conquered the behemoth, the Mountain rallied just long enough to admit his crimes.

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