5 Superheroes Who Will Be Invincible If They Break Their “NO KILL” Code

Every comic-book reader has at least once asked the question – Why don’t Superheroes kill their enemies? The answer that people give is it’s against their moral code as they believe in dispensing justice not play executioner themselves. But despite all the greatness and righteousness of superheroes, sometimes they have to break their code and do what needs to be done to prevent a bigger calamity. For instance, Superman was forced to snap the neck of Zod in the movie Man of Steel as he otherwise would have killed innocent people. It did upset a lot of fans but desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.

Here’s a list of superheroes who will become almost invincible if they are cool with killing their enemies like Iron Man:



He is the most iconic comic-book character of all time, not just because he is a human who became a superhero through sheer grit & determination despite all odds, but he is the only one who has stuck to his moral principles for a very long period of time. In the movie Dark Knight, he could have killed Joker and everything would have been fine but he decided not to fall for it. Although, in DC Comics he once did kill Joker as that was the only solution.



He is a Kryptonian God, Man of Steel who is also Man of Principles. He is literally invincible if he doesn’t hold restraint and starts killing his enemies with impunity. He has killed Doomsday in comics but it’s not his first instinctive response towards villains.

Captain America:


He is perhaps the most principles Marvel Superhero who is widely respected for his moral leadership. He may have killed Hydra agents or enemy combatants during WW 2, but he is the proponent of upholding the US Constitution. He has never deliberately killed his enemies even under extreme circumstances.

Green Arrow:


He is the greatest archer in the entire DC Universe. He was once a killer when he spent 5 years in hell, but when he returned to Star city, he decided to have a “No Kill” policy which was violated when he had to kill Damien Darhk.



He is the fastest man alive who is more interested in averting the disaster than killing his enemies. If he goes on a killing spree, he will wipe the slate clean in no time.

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