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New Video of The Batman Reveals Several Images of Jim Gordan and Batman

While Marvel continues to wow us with the various projects set to come out in the next few months, DC will be making their return next year with the Batman. Fans are excited to see a solo Batman feature after such a long time since Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. We finally had a look at the trailer for the movie and there were a lot of exciting things for us to explore. The movie experienced a lot of delays during the pandemic as production was shut down in the middle. But this time we will finally get to the project as a whole with the various characters as it might not experience any more delays. Newly released footage from The Batman showcased new looks at the characters of Jim Gordan and Batman.

The Batman

While it is still not known whether The Batman will be a part of the DC Extended Universe but that hardly affects the hype for the movie. The very first teaser for the movie was released during the DC FanDome event last year and it showed us a rather gritty Batman than we have seen before. The character is supposed to be at a very early age to his take as the caped crusader. Robert Pattinson will give us a Batman that will be a lot more intense and dangerous and will have a lot more detective personality than his other interpretations.


While we still don’t know the proper narrative of the movie or how Paul Dano’s The Riddler will work out in the movie, we have been able to get a look at him. Some of the other characters in the movie have appeared before and they seem to have had quite an interesting appearance which is different from his past interpretations. But one of the most exciting parts of the movie has to be Jeffrey Wright’s take on the character of Jim Gordon who has appeared in the movies before.


New Images of Jim Gordan and Batman


Twitter user @chickasawbatman posted some new looks at Robert Pattinson’s Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon from The Batman which is a part of the Batman: Year One 10-Year Commemorative Edition Blu-Ray. The new looks give us some idea about the various scenes where we will see Batman and Gordon team up in what seems to be their investigations.


One of the scenes shows Pattinson’s Batman and Wright’s Jim Gordon searching a house as Gordon holds a gun in his hand prepared for some actions. This scene might actually be a part of the scene that we got to see in the trailer that was released at the DC FanDome event last year.

Gordon can be seen aiming the gun at some sort of chaos happening in front of him even though it is not exactly clear what sort of chaos it might. This could be a scene that might follow the Penguin getting away in his car as Batman follows him from the trailer that we got to see recently.


This scene shows Gordon in action with the rest of the police aiming their guns off-screen at something that might actually be the suicide bombing scene from the teaser that we had gotten to see last year.

Jim Gordan and Batman

Here, we can see Gordon reading a case file as Batman looks with another Police actor standing next to them in a behind-the-scenes moment.


Gordon could be seen walking next to the Batmobile in what appears to be a behind-the-scenes shot with a bluescreen behind them and at the same time, there’s a lot of tech and light surrounding the car.

Jim Gordan and Batman

Another behind-the-scenes shot shows Jim and Batman standing next to a luxury car which fans can assume to be one of Bruce Wayne’s cars.


These shots clearly increase the hype for the movie as we might get to see a lot of the partnership between Batman and Jim Gordon. The character will actually be a key part of the movie and might end up guiding Batman at various times in the movie. We will get to see a lot more of the character of Jim Gordon from the movie in a spinoff GCPD series that will come out in HBO Max sometime in 2022.  This will be a part of various other spinoffs coming to the HBO Max streaming service based on movies of the DCEU. The Batman will be released in theaters worldwide on March 4, 2022.

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