4 Horror Movies That Will Make You Laugh

If you are watching horror movies and if they fail to give you bone-chilling effects, you know what, that’s something else. But it’s fun to watch such movies. With the given different horror movie genres, horror movies have taken different roads to actually scare the shit out of the people. But some movies are simply can’t even stand as horror films. Yes, we are counting down on four worst horror movies that you should not watch ever.

1. The Happening (2008)


This science fiction thriller film is a critic neurotoxin which causes anyone to commit suicide whoever comes in the contact. A man with is family and friends struggles to escape the natural disaster which occurs in the Northwestern U.S. And it turns out that plants in the city are behind this disaster. What? Before the release, it seemed to be a happening one, but it was not.

2. Sleepwakers (1992)


This Mick Garris directorial horror film is about a mother and a son who are the strange shape-shifting vampires who have the powers of illusion and telekinesis. They feed off the virgin women’s life force. The story plot does not seem to be pitchy. It has multiple cameos of horror filmmakers like Tobe Hooper, John Landis, and Joe Dante.

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